Apple Fans Respond To The “Droid Does” Advertising Campaign

By: Jeremy Muncy - December 25, 2009

The Motorola Droid advertising campaign is in full swing, and I’m sure by now you’ve seen the commercials, if not you can see the commercial below. Basically, the campaign is all about taking digs at the iPhone while showing Motorola’s support for the Android OS.

If you’re un-familiar with the Droid, it’s the first Android-based smartphone that will be sold exclusively by Verizon Wireless. Why is this fact important? Verizon currently has more than 86 million wireless subscribers, and will be the largest wireless carrier to date to support an Android-based device.

Is Motorola’s Droid an iPhone killer? Let us know your thoughts

Some Apple fans aren’t taking the "Droid Does" campaign very well, as they’ve created their own take/spoof of the commercial, you can see it below.

Can the Droid succeed, by knocking off the iPhone, where so many other smartphones have failed (I’m looking at you Blackberry Storm and Palm Pre)? Let us know what you think.

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  • Guest

    I saw the “droid does” ad last night and was blown away. Brilliant play on words with the iDon’t theme. Who ever came up with this campaign deserves a cookie. Or maybe a doughnut?

    The “iDon’t care” response is clever but flawed. Especially with “iDon’t need to imitate” (apparently they do with this parody) and “I don’t buy brands that bash other brands.” Um, hello…. Mac vs. PC??? The Mac vs. PC ad campaign is a text book example of a successful ad campaign based entirely on the concept of bashing another brand.

    • GUEST

      I believe these are this way on purpose… A little poking fun at itself if you will. Obviously the Mac vs. PC campaign “bashes” the other brand. The imitate line and the fact that the spoof is an exact duplicate of the original ad is what makes it funny!

      • Jeremy Muncy

        That’s what I also found comical about this whole situation.

        Apple fans don’t seem to like having the roles reversed.

        Jeremy Muncy
        Follow me on Twitter”>@jmuncy

        • Guest

          Oh course. Cause Apple fans are too in love with their brand that they accept whatever iteration of their product Apple shoves down their throat. Have you seen the new “left handed Macbook Pro” and it’s now “irremovable battery that if it conks up, you have to bring it to an apple store in order to have the battery replaced by them and pay for service fee”? What a scam!

        • milo

          There probably is a bit of sensitivity with many mac users; after all, they are going against the grain. But what I have noticed in this forum is that most of the attacks are on mac and mac users rather than the intended targeted discussion of the Droid vs iphone. Oh let me guess, your just replying to the perceived “snobbery” of the Mac elitists. What a joke.

    • Todd

      I agree totally.

      The Apple fans’ response seems like sour grapes.

      • Guest

        Yeah. I noticed that Apple users tend to bash other products because they are so insecure. Have you ever heard any non-Apple user saying that their gizmo is the ultimate gizmo that would save the world? Only Apple users does.

        • Ron

          Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in abducted hostages, in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker, regardless of the danger or risk in which they have been placed.

          Replace hostage-taker with the word Microsoft.

          Years of daily upgrades, software crashes and Microsoft monopoly on their life. No insecurity here… I’m not a hostage of Microsoft. I’m a Apple user. I’ve “been there done that” with Microsoft. I managed to escape the brain washing and break free.

          Don’t tell me Apple users are insecure. We have choices, you don’t.

          If you do what everyone else does then you will be like everyone else. That is why you will always have a 9-5 job, work for others and never get anyplace in life. Everyone else does the something.

          Walk the other way…. It simple. Just turn around and walk the other way. Apple users will welcome you with open arms. We actually do feel sorry for you. Really we do. Most of us have been there and understand your fear.

          • Guest

            Its really not that serious dude. You actually sound like the brainwashed drone your preaching against.

    • Guest

      Maybe this is too geeky, but I think whoever came up with the campaign deserves a eclair? Yeah, definitely too geeky.

      • Guest

        It’s ok. Geeks are cool nowadays. Geeks = non Apple users.

    • Guest

      How about a bagel?

      What is wrong with you… I bet your an Apple fanboy aren’t you?

      • GuestBJM2727

        It’s better than being a Microsoft fanboy!!!

      • Guest

        What part of that lead you to think I’m an Apple fanboy? Quite the contrary my friend. And I’m not really into bagels. How about a cupcake instead?

      • milo

        Huh, he makes an astute observation and he’s labeled a Mac fanboy. Says it all, doesn’t it.

  • Guest

    I agree with the comments, nice try Apple, but AT&T sucks…Droid on Verizon is gonna rock!

    • Jeremy Muncy

      AT&T does have a “certain reputation” … but I’ve heard equally bad things about Verizon.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter”>@jmuncy

    • Berts707

      Apple is always going to come out with something better duh!!!

      • Guest

        Like what? A phone that doesn’t have basic phone functions? Go figure. Try forwarding someone’s contact details through the iPhone and see how complicated it would be. 😛

        • Guest

          Forwarding contacts from iPhone’s Address Book used to be a pain. That changed. Now all you do is go to the contact and press “Share Contact”.

      • Guest

        Apple has a great product, but the really screwed up by choosing AT&T. Now they are going to pay for their mistake.

  • Guest

    you dont buy brands that bash other brands. i believe the im a pc im a mac commercial is bashing pcs. wow

    • Guest

      exactly what i was thinking.

    • Alexandra

      Did you watch the entire video?

    • milo

      it’s bashing by calling out flaws. How does PC combat that, by denigrating people who buy Macs? Big difference.

  • josh dodson

    ha ha

    Apple doesn’t like having the tables turned on them. There’s an app for that.

  • Evan L

    iDon’t have a good 3G network.

    Droid: oops. iCame first.

  • Jason K

    iDo have to stick with AT&T
    iDo have 3G, but can never use it
    iDo have to pay $1.29 for my songs
    iDo have to be stuck with iTunes
    iDo have to live with a black screen with a bunch of icons
    iDo have to choose black or white
    iDo have to take blurry pictures
    iDo have to pay $500 to upgrade to the newer version.
    iDon’t have Google Voice
    iDon’t get to choose what I do with my iPhone
    iDon’t have a choice.

    That’s why iDon’t have an iPhone. Screw AT&T. Thank you Verizon :)

    • Chris G.

      couldn’t have said it better!

    • Guest

      iDo drop calls. I can’t wait for the droid!

    • Guest

      Hmmm… Another good campaign idea. Maybe you should charge for this.

    • Guest

      iAgree 100%

    • milo

      The carrier criticism is legitimate. Phone upgrades are always relative. Google Voice will become moot. The rest is pretty infantile.

  • Guest

    iDon’t need to imitate? like PC vs Mac commercials don’t imitate PC’s??

    • Guest

      lol that’s funny.

    • Guest

      lol that’s way funny.

    • milo

      Does this even make sense?

  • usman

    Thank you for this useful information.

    • Guf

      What Appz. All Apple can do well is music and photos. Grow up and go to work and you’ll need business class software that’s only available in PC. I tried a Mac for a year. It locked up just as much as a PC and couldn’t afford the software, gave it to my granddaughter, and went to a Compaq laptop with Vista. Much happier.

      • milo

        I’m sure independent testing will show it’s highly unlikely that any mac will lock up more than a Compaq running Vista. Can you even tell when that vista running compaq is locked up or just running slow? Are people who work in the visual arts not grown up? By the way, the appz. people are referring to are the 3rd party apps in the phones. Congratulate your granddaughter for me.

        • Guf

          Visual arts? Is that all it’s good for… I rest my case. If you want business applications, get a PC. And yes the mac was painfully slow for what I needed it for and I got tired of having to yank the battery just to get it to power off when it was locked up. I retired after 38 years in computers and am sick of hearing about how great Apple is. IT’S NOT! Too expensive and too limited.

          Thank you Bill for building real software that businesses can use.

          • Guf

            Oh… I forgot to mention. The Apple bashing of PC’s on TV is designed to sell to the young and uninformed. They buy a Mac and use iTunes and think that’s all they need.

            Then they get a job and are forced to use a PC. WHY oh WHY can’t I use my wonderful MAC that TV told me was the best? And the boss says you have to do Excel spreadsheets and Access databases and Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, so you can be compatible with the rest of industry. But.. but TV says my MAC is better and more reliable. :-(

  • Guest

    Verizon and T-Mobile and Sprint with their Droid and MyTouch and Palm Pre respectively have been playing a catch-up and Sprint and T-Mobile have failed, and in due time the Verizon will also. I have a 3G iphone jailbroken and these commercials don’t scare 95% of the iphone community who have their iphones jailbroken. It’s going to take at least 3 years before Verizon has 85,000+ apps. My point is that even though Verizon has the best coverage, they will never beat the iphone.

  • Guest

    iDon’t get to see the droid website, because I’m trying to view it on an iPhone. Go figure.

    • Guest

      Because iPhone is so much in love with itself. Go figure.

      • milo

        It’s probably not a good idea to anthropomorphize your phone.

  • Guest

    How are they bashing bashin pc in theac bs pc commercials.
    If anything there just asking thpc of it can do anything good like a mac
    and there is absolutely no comparason. Especially to a
    mac which can run windows and leopard osx. Just seems like all you losers
    can’t afford an iPhone, or are locked into verizion contracts. All you have to do Is jailbreak
    your phone and you can do everything the idont’s claim you can’t do.
    Pretty sad for all the non iPhone users. Maybe next year you will finally
    get that glorious piece of apple technology and you don’t have to drop jealos comments
    eat your heart out droidz fans cuz apple is still gunna be better.
    Ever notice why they don’t veen show the phone hahahahaha what a piece

    • Guest

      Terrible grammar. What were you doing, typing on your iphone?

      • Guest

        lol that’s funny.

      • Anonymous

        no, he’s probably just an idiot. you’d have to be an idiot to use an iphone with at&t or tmobile which don’t even compare to verizon’s 3g network, and then to pay $30 a month additionally if you have at&t for no-g internet. The iphone is certainly the best smartphone out there right now, but verizon’s coverage just cannot be beat by any smart phone (I have an iphone myself, but without a contract, and I have verizon with a different phone). I despise apple though, especially their irritating commercials that rip on pc that don’t say ANYTHING about why I should by an apple over a pc (and I NEVER would by an apple computer; I payed $300 for my vista compaq laptop and it works fine and has a great harddrive and display monitor. A comparable macbook could cost $1800 easy), and once a decent competition to the iphone comes out (hopefully it will be this motorolla phone) I will NEVER buy an apple product again

        • milo

          My how we exaggerate! Who wouldn’t want to save $1500. You should be in politics.

    • politicus

      Show me one single product which would exemplify your ‘glorious” Apple technology.
      I haven’t seen a single one yet.

      • milo

        Uh, ipod, iphone, itunes? They all lead their respective areas — for a reason.


    Well this old timer is still waiting for the futuristic “Dick Tracy” type wrist watches with real-time video capabilities and two-way conversations.

    Yea I’m old…

  • Guest

    Verizon hasn’t had a successful marketing campaign since “can you hear me know”? back in 2003, Motorola Q campaign failed, push to talk campaign failed 3 times, Blackberry Storm failed, Verizon HUB failed, Vcast music failed.. and droid.. let’s just say the track record is not good.

    • Guest

      All good points… all of those campaigns were awful.

    • Guest

      That’s exactly why they are the largest carrier in the U.S. Because they have failed to provide services that consumers want. Do your homework and come again!

      • Guest

        Actually, the problem is that the people on the Apple community are snobs. As far as they’re concerned, the problem is that every American consumer is a total idiot EXCEPT them, because only THEY are wise enough to see Apple is better. Why is Verizon the biggest telecom? Because they give the customer what they want. Why is Microsoft the biggest computer company? Because they give the customer what they want. In both cases, it’s not their advertising campaigns, they unilaterally suck. It’s simply that people get what they want. From the Apple-user’s point of view, however, everyone who doesn’t support their viewpoint and buy the products they favor is simply stupid. Their product is clearly better, but nobody else can see it because everyone is a moron except them. This is why I don’t use an Apple anymore, even though I believe it actually is better than a PC. I don’t want to be associated with a world-wide community of snobs who think they’re smarter than everyone else.

        • milo

          At least in this instance you are an idiot. If you like a product you use the product you don’t care what the perception of the user group is.

        • Guest

          Duh! Microsoft is NOT a computer company – it is a SOFTWARE and game company… Apple is the only vertically integrated computer company (hardware and software) to survive in the market since the late-80’s. And that’s one of the key reasons, their computer/operating systems just work without all the problems….

          Come to think of it, maybe we are smarter 😉

      • Guest

        And McDonald’s must make the best hamburgers since they are the largest?

  • Cheap PSP Go

    Still I prefer for apple, they make my life easier and fun with their hitech products

  • Guest

    mac / pc who cares it does nothing but ad more sheep to each herd and more money in someones pocket!

    how does it feel to have to pay to be a follower on either side of the fence?

    • Johnathan

      It feels fucking fantastic :)

    • milo

      do you not pay for having to “sit” on the fence?

      • Guest

        I personally do not care about either product… I use what I need and do not care to fight over pointless Sh@t like all of these people in here and in the world who think brand loyalty is going to get them something.

        You like what you like and not everyone has to agree with you… grow up! There are far more important things in the world other than your precious stinking smartphone.

  • GDS Media

    They have a good service but have you ever inspected a bill from verizon. Atleast 40% of your bill is fees and taxes. Calling plan $100, fees and taxes another 60 bucks. Plus all there phones suck. How many phones they came out with saying it was the next big thing. They were all bust. After I figured out the service for AT&T I have not had a problem. I have 3 Iphones on my bill for under $200. That would happen under Verizon, more like $300

  • J.D.Everett

    I have a Mytouch on order to replace my Blackberry, my sister loves her iPhone but my Tmobile coverage and service is too good to take a chance on switching carriers.

    Another major selling point for me was the open-source nature of the Android OS. There are a lot of really good FREE apps for it. The iphone has zillions of apps you have to pay a little for each, and really, who needs most of them? There’s one called iFart that’s very popular. Do I really need for my phone to make farting noises?

    • milo

      You were doing fine until you started talking about apps. Then you started to denigrate the iphone apps on the basis of one innocuous app. The fact is there are more good free apps on the iphone, there are more good cheap apps on the iphone, there are more good expensive apps on the iphon, and yes, there are more silly apps on iphone.

  • Guest

    When I was in the market for a new phone I tried both the iphone and android. The iphone (lacking a kaeyboard, personalization and open development) was all but unusable to me. Simply put, the iphone is for people who are taken in by commercials rather than thinking for themselves.

    • milo

      So let me get this straight. You were at the stores trying out the different phones and you “tried” personalization and you “tried” open development? And then you couldn’t wrap your head around a virtual “kaeyboard” ? Sounds like someone’s just spitting out other people’s points and not “thinking for themselves!”

    • politicus

      Considering all the hype about the iPhone and seemingly everybody having one, I got it and played it for three whole days, after which I returned it.

      I did try to like it, but in general Apple interfaces never agreed with me. It is like driving a car with an automatic transmission, which I despise.

      The (sealed, growl!) battery life was terrible and the AT&T network is lousy, etc, etc

      I am really and truly looking forward for the Verizon Android phones, although Motorola’s approach to make social networking a priority appears to be really dumb.

  • Nick

    BIG profits in any industry attracts new competitors and competitors will try to leapfrog each other with new technolgy, until one emerges as the true leader. Just like Microsoft is trying desperately to leapfrog G, but just cant get there, I doubt Motorola will succeed, but they have no alternative but to try.

  • Apple Rocks! Long live Steve Jobs.

    It’s so sad that PC/Microsoft/Droid supporters are so insecure that they feel they have to bash Apple whenever they can. If your choice of product is really so superior, why do you feel the need to put-down Apple? Of course, since everything Apple touches is vastly better than anyone else’s, Apple’s “dumb PC” ads are really on-target as well as being smugly funny. Almost as funny as watching Glenn Beck knocking our President on Faux News. Bet Glenn writes his copy on a PC.

    • techieg

      There is no better case of hypocrisy!!! Isn’t Apple the on bashing PC (especially with lies)? If Apples’ products are that good, why bash at all? Microsoft has never responded by bashing back, they simply continue to be innovative form the enterprise, SMB, and even the living room. Everything Apple touches is not as good as what is out there, it just has the following of its little community that like to make noise over nothing such as iPhone 3G when 3G has been in other phones forever. Try comparing AppleTV with Media Center (there’s nothing from Apple to even compare XBox with anyway which is coming out with 1080p HD Zune movies and Project Natal the motion-aware controller system, MS Office (Microsoft had to make one for Macs since Apple could not deliver any productivity suite), the various enterprise servers from SBS to Enterprise editions that handles 10,000s of users, how about Microsoft Online Services ( which is a version of Microsoft’s servers solutions in a Microsoft-hosted environment, just wait for Windows Mobile 7 next year, then there is Office Web Apps which is the online version of MS Office ( , and yes its even improved in Office 2010 with features such as Presence/IM), the list is endless and Apple simply has nothing that compares. Besides aesthetics, Apple products have no features compared to others, talking about aesthetics, PC hardware manufacturers are the ones that need to address that and not Microsoft. 80% of the world has spoken by simply choosing PCs, Apple should be happy to even be able to share the remaining 20% with Linux, Unix, and other OSes (and soon Google Chrome OS will further reduce Macs user base), because it is vastly incompatible with most enterprise solutions out there and keeps borrowing from and relying on Linux and Windows for applications. People I know, even clients say it that there are things that are just easier with Windows than Macs and they still keep going back to Windows to get those things done. Your assignment for today is to go to, point to “All Products” on the navigation bar and list products you think Apple has matched. I am for competition because it is a WIN WIN WIN for consumers both in festure-set and price but Apple is just not bringing it AT ALL.

      Apple has long decided to stick with just selling over-priced laptops, desktops, iPhones/iPods, and iTunes stuff as opposed to innovating and expanding….JUST STOP THE FALSE-BASHING (OR BASHING AT ALL) AND WORK ON INNOVATION INSTEAD.

      • milo

        “false bashing” — did you prove apple’s assertions wrong? You wouldn’t think microsoft would have to bash because of their software market share, but wouldn’t you call their latest commercials slyly inferring that Apple users are pretentious? You know, where the red haired girl says that she guesses she’s not “cool enough”. That’s not suppose to be sarcastic? So ipods, iphones, itunes/istore, weren’t innovative? Didn’t these devices and apps change the way we looked at these types of devices and apps? Do you even remember what the record industry wanted to charge for a single song? If they would even let you have a single track and not the album? Do you remember how crappy portable mp3 players were? Or how most phones were just…phones? Now look at the growth of the smart phones. Google Chrome is going to reduce Mac user base? Look at the numbers, the mac user base is expanding. I would comment on how robust the Windows Office Suite is but you don’t seem to like giving the other side any credit so why should I?

    • Guest

      I have been an apple user since 1985, and I have personally lived through every iteration of the Mac since the Mac Plus. I loved almost all of my Macs, and thoroughly liked all of them. I used to show up at a customer’s plants all over the world with two computers, an IBM ThinkPad to program the machines and a Powerbook to get my work done. I also know that Apple users have been bashing teh PC/Win platform ever since Windows came out. To quote your own words “If your choice of product is really so superior, why do you feel the need to put-down X?” I don’t know who you are or where you have been hiding all these years, but maybe the last sentence you use provides a hint on who you let do the opining for you… others! Think different my friend!

    • Apple Rocks is KINDA STUPID

      Thats really funny, have you been watching tv lately, or for the past 4 years? Apple’s advertising campaign against Microsoft/Windows has been all about bashing. Just go to youtube and search mac vs windows commercial and you’ll say how invalid your statement is. And I guess everybody that replied to you “statement” would agree you’re stupid cause you failed to see the hypocrisy in your statement.

    • Droid Fan

      I love people like you! Sit back on your mac, thinking it owns the world! The macs are great computers but there is sooo much they can not do! And when it comes to bashing, if I remember correctly Apple was the first to “bash” PC! Apple was the one that started this, and somehow when this commercial comes out Apple fans hate the bashing! You need to crawl out of your imaginary Apple world! You should love this commercial for one reason and one reason only… All those idonts will soon turn into ido’s! If it wasn’t for competition the iphone still wouldn’t even sent pic messages! The better competition is out there the better your “iphone” will get! But brands aside! Apple will need to watch out! cause those idonts are the exact reason why I switched from the iphone! When you start doing more than just surfing on the internet on your mac you will see that there is so much it can not do! The world could not go off of macs! they lack too much! but if surfing internet and lookin at porn is what you like! sounds like you are set!!

      Dont be so ignorant…. This release is great for the iphone as well!!

  • Guest

    I’ve long been a supporter or open platforms and ordered my Android G1 before it was available. Since then I have seen the Android OS grow by leaps and bounds. Just about every issue I had with the phone at first has been quickly solved. I plan to upgrade my phone in the near future and there are so many great new Android phones in the pipeline. Right now I am waiting to see the Acer Liquid.

    Apple has a big head start. It has six or seven times more apps, but who needs 1,300 different tip calculators? It’s a much smoother product, but that’s only because it runs in such a tightly controlled environment that I believe will limit innovation and ultimately be it’s biggest problem.

    • milo

      I like the Droid commercial. I see no problem with attacking the iphone. It’s their main competitor. iphone got to the top of the smart phone heap because of innovation but you say this ability to be innovative will all of a sudden disappear?

  • Guest

    As it says in the commercial iPhone doesn’t run widgets. I’ve been able to reduce my T-Mobile plan to the minimum minutes because I make all my calls with Google Voice.

  • Samir

    I love the stuff and waiting for the droid to come
    see more here

    watch all the commercials along with anti dorid videos from loyal iPhone users…

  • Fearless Rick

    Somebody mentioned they paid $300 for a good used PC. I am typing this on a $50 eMac, which I’ve had for 6 months with no problems. Run three businesses off of it. Not that I’m gloating, but Macs in the secondary market are very inexpensive.

    As for the Droid or iPhone, I don’t own either, but I’m waiting for Apple to either cancel their exclusivity contract with AT&T (terms are unknown to the general public) or see AT&T improve their G3-G4 reach.

    Either case would pretty much destroy the hype of the Droid in terms of carriers.

    I think the animosity between Apple and PC users is silly. They both work, but, in defense of Apple users, the Mac has always been easier to operate and their newer products have been big hits commercially and the PC world can’t handle that little Apple is taking market share daily.

    Shouldn’t we all just have computers and other electronic gadgets that actually work, without the need to be a geek? Most of us are not and we’re happy with our Apple products.

    Steve Jobs is a genius. Bill Gates is just another rich businessman. I’ll stick with Jobs.

    • Guest

      every time you make a statement and then throw “but” behind it doesn’t make anything that follows valid. you’ve used “but” at least 3 times and have decided you are all of a sudden a spokesperson for all Apple users. As a shill you are quite transparent…

    • Guest

      Where did you get your facts??? While dreaming???? A $50 Mac??? From the city dump???? I work in the REAL business world. Doesn’t matter who makes what. What matter is that is works and is compatible to your needs. Apples are good at graphical applications, PCs are sufficient for everything else. Microsoft doesn’t make PCs, so no need to bash MS. No problem with liking Apple products…just don’t try to compare apples with code.

      • Guest

        You are clueless….

  • Aaron Loy

    I kinda like these kinds of adverts. Really fun!

    It’s not bashing (APPLE SUX!!@*!()*)

    I like to think of it as playful banter: –

    Tall guy: I’m taller than you …*grinz*
    Short guy: Your fly is unzipped…*grinz*

    It’s the cultish overreacting fanboys (of anyone) that then to make a big fuss out of these things.

  • Guest

    Actually the coverage issue is totally bogus… Who cares who has the most coverage – what matters is who has coverage where YOU need it…. Way back before the iphone, I was a Verizon customer – because they “had the most coverage.” Unfortunately for me the three places I frequented the most in my travels outside of NYC, some as close as the eastern end of Long Island, and other spots I frequented in Florida were coverage deserts with Verizon… totally dead cell phone…. I did my research and found ATT (a company I don’t particular like!) had the best coverage for MY travels, so i switched back then…

    The bottom line on the whole cell phone debate will reveal itself when Apple’s exclusive deal with ATT runs out and other carriers can offer iphones…. do you really think T-Mobile and Verizon will bash them then?? I bet they jump on the bandwagon!

  • Guest

    This string of comments reminds me of a political campaign. It isn’t bashing if your side does it. One comment insinuated that it isn’t bashing if it’s true. Moron. A quick study of advertising will show you that companies in an underdog situation are the only ones who benefit from this type of campaign. That’s why Apple attacks Windows/PCs. That’s why General Motors has launched a campaign attacking Honda. And that’s why Driod has this campaign that attacks iPhone. Those of you who feel the need to defend your decision to purchase or use a given product are most likely the same who cause such political divisiveness in our country. I am glad that someone has used the same type of advertising directed at an Apple product that they have used on PCs for years. It certainly seems to have struck a nerve.

  • Bobby

    You have all seen the ad on TV where the iphone is in “paperwait” app. I live near a AFB and most of the folks who come here seem to have “paperwaits” as AT&T has zero coverage here. They bragg about what their phone can do and they don’t want to give them up. Honestly I’m jelious but in reality their phones are totally useless here. I can’t wait to get one of these new Droids so I can brag about the phone AND the fact that it actuall works as a phone too!

    • Guest

      I don’t own a I Phone but the commercial that is used as an example is showing a Blackberry that has an inferior network compared to a guy that has a Blackberry, using Verizon.

      • Guest

        I think the author knows that. He is just saying he currently has a choice between an IPhone with great capabilities and no coverage or the phone he has now with no applications but does have cell phone coverage. He wants a phone that will do it all with a network that will give him coverage. The droid will do that for him.

  • Guest

    QUOTE from COVERAGE ISSUE: “Actually the coverage issue is totally bogus… Who cares who has the most coverage – what matters is who has coverage where YOU need it….”

    I never know what ditch myself or my wife may end up in one day after an accident. I vote for Verizon Wireless since I have never been unable to make a call and when my wife and kids need to make a call, I know they will be able to with Verizon. ATT……. not many can make that statement.

  • computer consultant

    Should i get the iphone now or wait? iphone does have the biggest number of apps for smartphone.

  • Black Lion

    Sorry. but this sentence explains it all:
    “Just seems like all you losers can’t afford an iPhone”

    Apple Products are basicly the most expensive technical products, they might be better than some cheap china product. But if you go into the price range of a macbook, an iPod, a mac or the iPhone, there’s always an alternative offering more features and better quality.

    I have to agree that Apple Users just think that everyone else is too dumb to get that apple is best. Come on, Apple just aren’t able to compete. The only reason they can is because all those fanboys just jump onto every product apple throws at them for the sake of having the newest iProduct. It’s ridiculous if you think of it. If Apple were to release a product which would be able to compete with other products in a proper price range. Just compare the iPod Shuffle and the iRiver l-player. They’ve got the same price tag, the size is roughly the same (at least it was with the old ipod shuffle) and the l-player has so much more to offer. Of course you can play all your music in random order with the iRiver, same goes for the iPhone 3g: Nearly all phones (even the Nokia 5800 which costs 250$ contract-free) can do everything the new 3g now can. How lame is it that you need to wait ages to be able to capture videos. A good phone can do that from the start.

    If people would just compare before hopping onto the iTrain…

    • Guest

      Hey Dude,

      the hidden might of Apple is the software.

      Mac rules!!!

      • Guest

        Not really.

        In my opinion software is one of the biggest deficits of apple.

        I might have switched to a mac some time ago. But having to cope with Mac OS would kill me. Of course, there things which would be easier and faster for me ie Photoshop and Video editing. But that would also stop me from using great open source software and nearly every PC game on the market.

        Again, Apple usually has some sort of program which will do the same as the tool i want but it can cost money with them and it won’t let me choose.

        What i found disturbing was when i saw an ad for apple in the newspaper. It was promoting the iphone by showing the software you have to buy to make the iphone great. It’s like saying “Here’s the sugar, now you just need to buy all the other ingredients to actually bake the cake”.

        Apple limits you in terms of software.

        • Guest

          I think the author was referring to the quality of Mac-written software versus the quality of software written by competitors (I am not including open source products here).

          You are talking about the availability of independent software for your PC and your Mac. The former author is talking about what always drew people to Apple and their products. You are talking about what always killed market share for Apple since MS opened up the market and allowed manufactures and developers to compete directly with MS. You are both right and it is funny how Apple still continues with the same business model they have always used.

      • Guest

        It a linux rip… 😉

  • Guest

    A few years ago (just before the iPhone), I was in a Cingular store trying to find a good cellphone.

    Found a Motorola phone that was really cool, then was told by a staffer that they had a truck come by once a month to pick up broken Motorola phones from all cellphone stores.

    I didn’t believe him, so I left and went to another store (T-Mobile, I think). They said the same thing, and when a third store confirmed, that clinched it. No Motorola phone for me, at least until they had proven themselves.

    I hope they have their manufacturing problems behind them, but I would wait and see to be sure before getting one of these.

    • Luci

      I’ve had a Motorola razor for a few years now; and can honestly say nothing has every gone wrong with it. The t-mobile stores told me the same thing about Motorola phones needing many repairs, but I have a feeling its more to do with a business issue rather than the actual quality of the phone. My son has the same phone, is an engineer, and has said that Motorola makes an excellent product.

  • ctrlfreq

    I keep reading the word “bashing” in this thread, but I do not think this word means what you people seem to think it does… If you OS regularly goes into blue screens, or your phone can’t run more than one application at a time, and someone points this out, it’s not bashing.

    • Guest

      Funny my iphone does all that. Never crashes and I can run multiple apps. You are all full of shit. Good luck with your droids…LOL You all can say what you want. People only get bashed when the others are threatened by something better.

      • Aaron

        So…what your saying is Apple bashes Microsoft, because they feel threatened by the fact that Windows is a better OS platform?

        Back to the Droid – hopefully this is the start of competition.

        • Guest

          For the last time, repeat after me, “it’s not bashing if it’s true”!

      • Guest

        Do you honestly know how stupid you made yourself look? Have you ever watched a Mac commercial the last 5 years? It’s like some people have been laughing and loving the Mac commercials that do nothing but knock Windows (which is fine BTW), but cry and spit and freak out when it happens to them? Grow a pair, honestly.

        And as for multitasking, Android can multitask all apps. Not just Apple ones.

  • SEO Services

    Some of the things mentioned in the video are just not true. I don’t customize? I can customize my iPhone. Although some of the stuff is try and it’s a pain – such as the keyboard issue. There are characters I can’t type because they are not offered on the iPhone keyword like the character: `

    Well we will just have to wait is see how much “better” this droid is, but I’m beating there will be some down falls to it as well.

  • Guest

    I have 4 iPhones on my ATT account. Bought my and my wife’s first one the day they came out. You can say I am a fan. But, I hope the Droid is a great phone. Up to now the iPhone hasn’t had any strong competitors. Real competition makes everyone better and, while I have no plans to switch, I like to have choices.

  • Guest

    Motorola basically just put together a phone that had all that the iphone lacks. As long as it perfoms its a no brainer.
    ——————————————————————— “You will find we have the lowest prices”

  • Guest

    Oh come on it was the same with the cheap laptops and stuff. Once those adverts were out Apple fan boys were all over them, getting pissed off, when they were the ones who started the whole thing…. Anyway as a professional game developer, developing for both platforms I have to say that both have cool things to offer, but I would never stay with just a Mac.

    The Mac has some nice stuff, but they think that weirdest stuff are useful, for instance in the trash can you can right click and send an item via bluetooth, but you don’t have a restore option.
    I use an SVN solution and if it finds a file that is not on the server it will not update the whole project, even if it has downloaded most of the files…
    Of course it found the network automatically and has a few cool gimmics, but I have also used
    linux bulids that do that and more and they install in the same it takes the mac to boot, so I’m
    not impressed.

    I use iPhones for work, because it is a new platform to make apps for, but I’m really interested
    in what the Droid has to offer. It’s cool when Apple isn’t in control of your content, cos that’s what iTunes is.


  • Droid Fan

    I am a huge fan of the Android! I had a iphone and it was great but the Android has so much more potential. As of now the hardware on a Android phone has not compared to the iphone, but to me it didn’t matter that the screen was a little smaller, or it wasn’t as smooth! I got the first Android phone the day it came out, I pre ordered it. And from the time it was released Google has not failed to make the phone 100x better. Google is as big as they are for a reason, they are not going to let the Android fail. And this new Droid phone almost makes me want to switch from t-mobile.

    And I personaly hope the iphone combats this phone, and come out with a better one, cause then Google will have to beat that phone again! You iphone supporters should be loving these new phones, until the Android came out you couldn’t even receive or send a picture message! And apple products are not as nice as everyone thinks! I have both a mac and a PC as I program websites! And there are a million things i like to do on my PC that the mac cant do! But there are thigs that the PC cant do! The great thing about computers, or phones! Is the more competition out there! the better it is for us cause the products are forced to get better to keep up instead of sit around and do nothing like the iphone has for so mane years!

    • Guest

      3 iPhones in less than three yrs. Yeah, I see why you say they are sitti g around doing nothing; oh by the way, the competition thing is genious, I am sure no one has thought of that!

      • Apocopa

        I have used both platforms extensively and I can tell you Apple is the more secure, stable operating system. Apple products are more intuitive and are overall higher quality products (out of the box), hence “you get what you pay for.”

        For all those claiming your “PC can do things the Mac can’t,” well sorry, your ill informed (hence the title of this post). For years now they Mac has been Intel based – Mac users with Mactel Mac’s can boot into EITHER OS – hence run Windows OR the Mac OS. So your argument is complete bogus.

        I also have an iPhone 3G. I will say I am not as impressed with the phone as I had hoped. I monitor many e-mail accounts for personal and business use and the phone seems to lag when it pushes for new messages (not sure about the 3Gs). Hopefully this droid hype (that is all it is at this point – empty hype) band wagon lights a fire under Apple’s rear, as they have not needed to make strides because that have been handling all the competition – outside of perhaps the Blackberry.

        Those making comments about “market share” – I am sure Apple is happy where they are; last I checked they were profitable in a BIG way. They OWN the portable music player market and they have taken a huge chunk of the mobile phone market… That is before you even consider all the computer or Mac OS sales…

        So people please educate yourself through experience before you post.

  • Juris Tech Doctor

    “iDon’t buy brands who bash other brands”?
    “iDon’t need vague information”?

    Are they serious? Have they ever even see an Apple commercial?

  • Spriggers

    Both products offer some great things for users, but Android has HUGE potential being as open as it is, and with Google already offering the framework for so many apps (Google Maps anyone?)

    Like it or not, Android is going to explode and probably surpass anyone functionality wise based on the fact that it’s open, it’s free, it’s backed by Google, and Google controls the Internet, maps, and a lot of content. iPhones are great, but I think the greater growth firmware wise will be coming from Google in the next 2 years. Gmail is huge, Google maps are huge, and Google are doing other content related things that will make them even stronger in the mobile market. And if Android becomes big enough and Google decides to yank all things google (maps and so on) from their competitors?

    Of course the iphone has the awesome itunes attached to it, and it does things so well. Just watch out for Google. They have the money, the open platform, the internet, the content to do some serious damage to everyone else.

    • Bren

      I think that Verizon made a mistake by telling Apple everthing the Driod will do that the iPhone does not. Has anyone considered that fact that apple will just release a 4th iPhone that has the same features if not more than the Driod?? Apple is very capable of making a new iPhone fast. Also considered that the touch screen on the iPhone is clearly the best and anyone that thinks otherwise is just lying to themslves. Apple has a patent on their touch screen technology, that’s why no one can compete with that function. I am positive apple will release a 4 th iPhone soon.

      P.S. I typed this on my iPhone in under 1 minute. Can you say the same?

      • Guest

        PS: If you have a phone with a “real” keyboard it will be faster than using an iPhone any day. The “Droid” has a “real” keyboard.

        • Guest

          You are an enormous “real” idiot!

        • Guest

          “Real” doesn’t equal faster. Try using a tiny Blackberry keyboard vs. the iPhone’s touch pad. Using a light touch, the iPhone can easily become faster over time.

          Granted, you are arguing over phone technology, so your fingers may be too fat to work any keyboard correctly.

  • Guest

    Let’s face it anything Apple is first a fashion accessory and secondarily a useful piece of technology that is until the hackers wakeup – but that requires marketshare – hmmm …

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I know numerous business professionals who prefer the iPhone over a Windows mobile device. I’m pretty sure ease of use comes into play.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter”>@jmuncy

  • Guest

    From a person with an apple laptop and an apple desktop, apple is only better when it comes to graphics and video programs. For everything else it sucks. I hate the free itouch I got with my computer. It slow and crashes as much as windows does, and the iphone is not all it’s hyped up to be.

    Apple people think they’re special and instead of being excited about a better product possibly coming out, they’re already bashing droid like they started bashing windows 7 before it came out…out of fear they’re not special anymore. I have a storm right now, I hate the iphone, cant wait to try photoshop on windows 7 and cant wait to get my hands on droid. Google does it better. Apple is running out of plays.

    • Guest

      Oh stop crying whimpy!

      “Apple people think their special”; awe do you feel inadequate? Well you should. iPhone’s nor iTouch crash anywhere near as much as any windows based product. I have had both and you are dead wrong. Go buy some friends and stop worrying about the popular choice to keep you in the majority. IT’s OK to be special there are fewer numbers but there is a good reason for that. Just read these Window’s users responses and you’ll understand.

      • Guest

        honestly, anyone who has a win product crash on them shouldn’t use a computer in the first place, you’re doing something WRONG. I build PCs for a living, download all my software for frees and have only seen a BSOD 3-4 times in my personal use of a win product. Basically, get a decent anti-virus, and don’t be a complete idiot when browsing… It’s not that hard, I hate hearing people complain “My PC always crashes” I don’t personally get it…. Mine crashes less than my Mac did…. maybe its the user and not the interface?

  • MacBaby

    Personally, I’m a mac user and a mac LOVER. Period.

    That said, are you people serious? It’s one thing to debate, but it’s another to get into name-calling and all this crybaby ying-yang. Don’t like apple? Then don’t like it, and say why if you want. Love apple? Awesome, tell us why. But quit the name calling and “roundabout” attacking of mass apple fans and vice-versa. You sound juvenile and I don’t think that’s the point you’re trying to get across, is it?

    As far as the topic is concerned, here’s my .02:

    I’m an Apple user and that isn’t going to change regardless of this Droid thing. And yes, we dish it out, so we should be able to take it -and we do. We get slammed my PC users ALL the time, and we’ve responded. We’re getting slammed my the Droid and fans responded. PC was getting hammered by us, and they’ve responded. That’s LIFE so get over it and stop thinking Apple doesn’t have a right to attack the Droid when they drew first blood.

    Yes, first blood.

    Apple wasn’t pissing all over the Droid -I’ve never even heard of that thing until now- but when they went straight there, they got a response. Deal. I’m sure Droid “fans” will respond in kind and the cycle will continue. So all of this production and exclamation points?


    • Guest

      I think one of the reasons PC users love insulting you MAC users is because you say things like “I’m a mac user and a mac LOVER”, which sounds a bit ignorant and very gay (sorry to say).

      but it’s true sometimes PC users insult you for no good reason. they should research a little bit, so that they can find a real reason to hate MAC. I myself for example hate mac, because I’m what you could call a “hacker”, and I know I could only do 10% of the things I do now if I had a pretty white shiny mac. (oh, and I don’t have enough money to buy a mac laptop and rebuy a new one as soon as the battery gets a little old)

      but anyway, it’s your choice, and it can be a good choice if you’re learning to use a computer I guess.

      • Guest

        We buy Mac’s because of idiots like you. Hacker’s, Spammer’s and Virus generating punks. Pay for the rediculous prices on your Norton and McAfee defense systems and their renewals all you want but if you were worried with doing what you aren’t supposed to be doing in the first place then you wouldn’t need the PC’s innefficiencies. Need a dictionary?

        • mtz

          Mac’s are for people who don’t want to use their brain to learn anything about how a computer works.

          I don’t pay a penny for my anti-virus software and have NEVER had a virus. AVG Personal is the best.

          Do you know why Mac hasn’t been hacked. Because there are so few out there, that it would be a waste of time for the hacker.

          The iphone is a piece of sh*t too.

          Sorry Mac user, you are defeated. Apple is going down.

          • Guest

            Why do I have to know everything about how a computer works to use it?
            It’s a tool. It gets me from point A to B.
            I don’t need to know everything about how my car works to drive it.
            If you look at a lot of creative people (and I’m not just talking about artist but editors, researchers, NASA scientist etc.) because these are creative people too. Most of them have amazing math and science skills butit us creativity that they use to look at things different and solve problems, like Einstein. They are so concerned with solving the problem at hand that they don’t care about how the machine they use to do it works no more then they care about how the care they drove to the research lab works. Its said Einstein had multiples of they same suit as to not waste time or brain power worrying about what to wear.
            That’s why I use Macs because I need to think about the problem at hand, the work to be done.
            Not how to make the machine do something. It’s intuitive!

      • Guest

        “research your insults people!
        I think one of the reasons PC users love insulting you MAC users is because you say things like “I’m a mac user and a mac LOVER”, which sounds a bit ignorant and very gay (sorry to say).

        but it’s true sometimes PC users insult you for no good reason. they should research a little bit, so that they can find a real reason to hate MAC. I myself for example hate mac, because I’m what you could call a “hacker”, and I know I could only do 10% of the things I do now if I had a pretty white shiny mac. (oh, and I don’t have enough money to buy a mac laptop and rebuy a new one as soon as the battery gets a little old)

        but anyway, it’s your choice, and it can be a good choice if you’re learning to use a computer I guess.”

        —– really your a hacker? for anyone who might not know, a “REAL” hacker never identifies himself/herself as a “hacker” thats just dumb, hackers, generally smart. as for the 10% of things you can do, unix based systems gives you the most securty tools for “REAL” hacking or security threat prevention. MAC OS is based on what platform? do you know how to access/use it? At best your prolly some script kiddie whose mommy bought him a puter. oh and

        “We buy Mac’s because of
        We buy Mac’s because of idiots like you. Hacker’s, Spammer’s and Virus generating punks. Pay for the rediculous prices on your Norton and McAfee defense systems and their renewals all you want but if you were worried with doing what you aren’t supposed to be doing in the first place then you wouldn’t need the PC’s innefficiencies. Need a dictionary?”

        —- um first off your an idiot, do you really think MACs dont get virus/malware/spyware? as i know they arent as susceptible to infection as PC, they still do have their share, and do you know why? well, lets see, micro$oft has over 80% of the global market, MAC 10-15% at best, if im some idiot script kiddie, im going to waste my time with something that will have the greatest impact such as a virus for PC over MAC, or if im some software developer again, im writing code for the OS with the biggest market share to deploy my product…oh yeah…because MACs have become trendy, they are starting to require your anti-virus subscriptions..welcome to the club! and it looks like you need the dictionary, this is how you spell inefficiencies…..p.s I’m a PC, see you at defcon vegas july 2010!

        –Random Security Consultant

        • Think about it

          McDonalds is the biggest restaurant chain in the world that dose’nt make it the best restaurant chain in the world. I’ve studied marketing and consumerism too like to play the numbers game and even try to associate it with quality. Pop art was not the best art movement. I’m glad that most developers overlook making things for the mac. Everyone wants to develop for the PC because it has the large market share. Unfortunately that means there is a lot of shitttaki! Out there for PC user also.
          Why does it have to be one or the other? I’m glad they both exist and I welcome all others to the field. It’s likevthis darn two party political system that we have that doesn’t allow another real choices. I hate monopolies of all kinds, and after all thi AIGA and banking crap we should have learn.
          Let them both exist and whoever else wants to join in and all of us users will benefit as they fightbit out and bring new innovations to the world.

      • Guest

        you wont live long enough to have to replace the battery out of the new macbooks.

  • Guest

    “i’m a Mac user and Mac Lover’


    As per your first statement… you obviously have no idea what is necessary.

    why dont you just keep clicking away happily while the PC users make the grown up decisions.

  • Guest

    “stop thinking Apple doesn’t have a right to attack the Droid when they drew first blood.”

    attack away. your product sucks and the whole world knows.
    well cept for your fellow (i)pod-people.
    Android, Google, Linux …. WE WIN. hahah.

    • Guest

      You obviously are very stupid.

      • Guest

        You’re comment is obviously very ironic.

  • Guest

    “That’s why General Motors has launched a campaign attacking Honda”

    lol yea… cuz we all know a Corvette could never take its chances against …. a civic 😛

    This is the biggest group of moronic comments I’ve seen in one place.


  • ShyJuan

    They force their customers to buy a new phone for a few upgrades. I got an over the air upgrade for FREE for my G1 that gave me video capture and a crap load of other stuff! Iphone guys got theirs by buying a whole new phone. That was bogus. Apple makes stuff so hard on the pocket book.

    • Guest

      17 million macs sold last quarter – 144,000 per DAY.

      7 million iPhones sold last quarter.

      One word for all the ‘It’s over for Apple – Google is too big and strong – the Droid will displace the iPhone’ people:


  • Guest

    only time will tell which one will win, like the other technology battles we had between vhs and betamax and HD-DVD and Blue ray. In the end the consumer decides! But so far with mobile phones there have been platforms living happily side by side, so there doesn’t need to be 1 winner.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Well said, and I agree 100%.

      These two companies can take shots at each other until they’re blue in the face… the consumers will decide who wins this battle.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter”>@jmuncy

    • Stupidscript

      The high definition DVD format was not decided by consumers, who demonstrably preferred the less expensive HD-DVD technology, but rather by DVD machine manufacturers who elected to stop making HD-DVD players. It has nothing to do with quality or consumers and everything to do with kickbacks, profit points and inter-industry gamesmanship.

  • Motorola

    For starters – this is Verizon vs AT&T until iPhone goes all networks and matches the droid phone – how many people are going to switch to Verizon when they can get the same or better? Many switched to AT&T because the iphone was in a class by itself – hence the Android. Eventually the droid will go all networks too.

    What is interesting is that prior to Apple jumping on the Intel band wagon, all their processors were made by Motorola. So the Motorola R&D must have an inkling to the Apple codes, right? Combine that with the largest mobile network (?) along with giant Google and you have a very good power play.

    The X factor as ALWAYS is Apple. They are and have been the pace setters in home computing for the past 3 decades – bar none. Gates and his copycat followers will always be around to (what else?)…copy!

  • Freddy

    The fish game would be O’Dell lake (sp?). Don’t forget about number munchers! And the drawing line art program, something about a turtle that would draw lines. Turtle being a triangle that used simple commands to move across the screen and draw vector lines.

  • snt

    I hope Apple comes out with another iPhone soon. The crazy apple lovers will run to buy the new phone and spend a lot of money that will help the economy. I just love this fight.

  • Fred

    Keep your IPhone plaything at home and use a real business phone (Windows Mobile) at the office. The best of both worlds?

  • Guest

    I think the more important battle here is Android vs iPhone (OS). One phone is probably not going to take down the iphone but Android certainly will. Once again apple users will become the minority.

    • Guest

      I am an iPhone owner/user and I think that Apple has done alot to improve their products. However, I believe the Android is good competition and will force Apple to improve their products and perhaps AT&T to improve their service.

  • Doc Snuggs

    Personally not sure why there is a mac PC debate on a phone thread, but to each his own. I have used both and personally cannot stand mac any longer, just bought a new Win laptop and threw win7 on it, SOOO much better than any mac I’ve had/used. (just my opinion, still love my ipod, been truckin on 5+ years now with no errors)

    That said, the Android platform has a considerable edge over the iPhone in my opinion, but thats just what it is, my opinion. Most are only focusing on the Motorola Droid, but the droid release will be an entire arsenal of phones! I’m not getting the moto, but you bet your a** ill be getting one of the HTC models that comes out this November. Friend showed me his htc g1 and that thing was incredible (not to mention every app he had was free…well over 100) Android is an incredible interface and I can’t wait to switch from my pos BB pearl. All said and done, just my opinion.

  • Guest

    I was gonna get the Samsung Omnia II, but now the Motorola Droid.. Ah.. I’m melting to have this phone. I wish they would hurry up and interview it though… Does anyone know if it can taxt all 3 ways? i.e, full physical qwerty keyboard, full touch qwerty keyboard in landscape mode, and I already know about the regular touch-txt as if it were a normal phone. I asked this question on feel free to share your views.

  • Guest

    This was supposed to be about Android vs iPhone, but has been turned into the usual bash anybody who is not the same as you or anything that you don’t like.
    First off, I have an iPhone, and yes there are things that I wish were different about it. If something else comes along that I like, then I will get it, but for now, I am the one that chose to buy it.

    Second, I have both a Mac and a PC, each have their pros and cons.

    Third it comes down to individual preference and background as to what things you like or dislike.

    Lastly, how about previewing your comment for misspelled words, how can you call someone else stupid when you can’t even spell something correctly in your post.

    Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one and they all stink!

    P.S. Thank a veteran for having the freedom to choose the things you like.

    • Guest

      Can’t understand the first sentence of your post…

      Also, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, and if they all stink, that means yours does too.

      It’s called free speech, a right we all exercise, thanks to the opinions of some great founding fathers btw…

      Also, before you call someone stupid for not spelling correctly, correct your own grammatical errors and get over it, its the internet… no one’s getting graded here…

      Served in Vietnam, and you can thank me if you want but I did what I had to do.

      ’nuff said

      • Guest

        What is not to understand? This was supposed to be about the factual differences between the android and the iphone, instead it is some people bashing on the things that they don’t like or anyone that has a different opinion than them.
        Your right, according to my quote, my opinion stinks also. I try not to give opinions about anything that I have not tried first hand. Some may like my opinion and some may not. I also don’t call people stupid for liking one particular item over another. It is all about personal choice.
        I was not calling you stupid, or anyone in particular, but read below how people will bash a person for having a mac or for having an iphone and their post looks like a 2 year old typed it. I also understand that it is a freedom of speech and yes, I did check my post, no grammatical errors found.
        Thank you for serving. You went, did what you had to do, then came home. I did not go to Vietnam, but I have been to deployed to Turkey, for Operation Northern Watch. What I am saying is that those who have chosen to serve have ensured that the majority of the people keep those “God given Rights” and live in the “Land of the Free” because of the “Brave”.

        • Guest

          Amen on God given rights, I’ve seen too much to believe I didn’t do something for nothing, gotta believe in something.

          And you’re right, I looked through a few pages in this post, and rescind my previous comment that we’re not getting “graded” some of these folks sure could use it. (I read a little quick through your post I’ll admit and completely misread the first sentence, my apologies)

          Honestly, I don’t think opinions stink, its what this country was founded on! If people were not speaking their mind, then where would we be? Stinky opinions stink(i.e. iPhone sucks!!! I’ve never used it but I know it must be a piece of sh**), but opinions themselves bring about stimulating argument(of course it depends who you’re arguing with… and from the looks of some of these posts…well… don’t want this to turn into a bashing)

          All I’m saying is, don’t doubt the value of an educated opinion, some people on here seem to know what they’re talking about and are giving an educated opinion in response to the question asked.

  • Guest

    I phone doesn’t have to bash other brands….and then it cuts to the Mac vs. PC commercial base….not bashing huh….hypocrites….oh and the iphone may have come first, but that just leaves room for the second to fix the problems with the first. Let’s go droid.

  • plugsmustard

    That’s the best they could do as a reply to that commercial? Hahahahaha
    I like pcs. I like macs. I love my ipod touch 2g. I love my htc dream. But I’m all about emulators. Android has ones that you can actually by. You have to jailbreak your ipod/iphone to get emulators. And guess what they suck. They’re choppy, the touch screen controls sucks balls. Android has an app called astro which enables you to install any app you want. Apple would never allow this. They need you $2.00 for an app. Iphones and ipods have trouble woth itunes sometimes. And charge you for new firmware. (For shame) apple has some good things. But for my position. Everything is better than the sneaky buttholes called apple. The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few. Apple needs to learn what the market want. Now how much money they can squeeze out of innocent shoppers.


  • Guest

    I for one have the iPhone, and I have to say that I am ready for something that actually works. I have had the first and second version of the iPhone and I refuse to get the latest version. I honestly don’t think that it is the iPhone that sucks…….it’s the service that is being provided to the iPhone. I have gotten used to the added space on my iPhone and am looking forward to another phone that offers that same space. I can’t wait for this new phone to come out because I will definitely be getting it if it even comes close to the options that I have now.

    • Guest

      Not to mention free apps vs. pay-for, and a selection of phones instead of just one.

  • Guest

    I really enjoy my iphone 3gs, I don’t have a problem with paying for apps, I’ve never wanted to take a picture in the dark with my phone (i have a camera for that), I can only look at one app at a time so I don’t care if multiple are running, I’ve never had the urge to remove my battery, the touch screen is amazing, I can’t imagine anything better than itunes for buying and transferring files, and I guess unlike “most iphone users” I have never had a problem with coverage. In fact I go fishing quite a bit and can even use the internet on the boat (and i am hours from any major city). In fact the only time I have ever lost coverage was at a football game and no providers service was working (verizon included). Call me stupid, and I’m sure some of you will, but the iphone is all I want in a phone. There would have to be something new and incredible, not just an upgrade (which it sounds like that’s all the droid is trying to be), to get me to change providers and phones. You go get your Google phone, I’ll stick with Apple.

    • droidpower

      the iphone is out. the droid is in.

      had your time in the sun iphone, its over now.

  • Guest

    me like droids…… me really like droids…… <3

    • Guest

      OMG Ur such a MORON, GTFO of here!!
      me like droids..!?! PSSSH

      get a life dude

    • Guest

      Oh yea well I have a life!! U get outa my head!!

      I like droids!! Get over it!!

    • Guest

      YAY!! Look!! You all might as well stop here, the argument I had with myself below has about as much point to it as all the people bickering down below. 😛

  • Guest

    In the end. The battle will be indirectly against droid vs all other phones. They will win. Apple will continue to exceed and monopolize with their own. The two winners will remain the same- motorola and apple.

  • Real Paid Surveys

    I really think this may be the “iphone killer” – I am definitely curious!

  • Real Paid Surveys

    I really think this may be the “iphone killer” – I am definitely curious!

  • Guest

    Definitely not and “iphone killer”
    does it have a bunch of apps like the iphone? no
    apps are i think one of the most best things the iphone offers millions of games to play wherever you want?
    can it pinch zoom in and out? no
    yes i has a qwerty slide keyboard but big deal it just makes it look fatter and more like a block.
    other than the iphone’s great design.
    also the iphone is a phone and a ipod in one.
    who wouldn’t rather have the convenience of not having to carry around a ipod and a phone when you can have it all in one. and its very easy to put music on the iphone
    maybe you guys disagree with me but im a total iphone fan.

    • Guest

      lol shows that you run your mouth without knowing anything about android. Does it have a bunch of apps? yes tons, and they are free!
      it plays music just like your iPod.

      All your points fail

    • Guest

      They are already reporting over 40,000 apps ready for the phone. And best of all they aren’t going to censor any of their apps. Google feels that it’s up to the consumer to buy, create, or get for free any app regardless of moral content.

      • Guest


  • Jeff

    I LOVE my unlocked jailbroken 3gs….

  • Waiting to see..

    I see people bashing other people because of a freaking phone. Get real. I wanted to hear peoples opinions on whether or not they believe the Droid has a chance to meet or beat Iphone standards. I own both an Iphone with AT&T and I own a Omnia With Verizon

    Anyway Here is my opinion on the 2 phones and the network they run on:

    Iphone = Great Phone.. No doubt about it. It set a trend for all other phones to meet or beat. It is the epitome of what a phone should be.
    1) easy to use
    2) Fun to use
    3) Great design
    4) Good response
    5) Multi Touch
    and a whole slew of other things including an Apps Market for purchasing additional helpful software or games. As well as Itunes.
    But it does come with some cons

    1) Its on a horrible network
    2)Drops call (Chalk it up to Horrible network above)
    3)Pay for apps (Some are free but most of the good ones you Must Pay and for a budget conscious guy like me every penny counts)
    4)Cannot change battery and must bring it back to apple in order to change it or it voids your warranty
    5) Must pay for software updates

    Plus a slew of other cons which most are because of the network its on so i wont bash the phone itself. But.. There is an old saying “Show me your friends and ill tell you the type of person you are” Which i know some people are gonna bash me on.. lol but its my opinion so who cares.

    OK On to The Droid

    Droid = Great concept. Took the standards set my its competitor and improved upon them. Hope it does what it says.
    1)Great design
    2)2 touch screens regular plus landscape
    3)Querty keyboard from those who are not too fond of the touch screen
    5) Multi Touch
    6) Speech recognition
    9) On the largest and fastest 3g Network

    I cannot say more because this phone has yet to be released so no1 knows the full capabilities as of yet.

    1) Untested
    2) Untested
    3) Untested

    The reason why i have to proclaim this as a con.. is because I remember all the hype about the Blackberry Storm and then it was the HTC Touch.. Blah Blah Blah.. all say they were iphone killers but to this day have not even come close to hurting the iphone. The closest thing so far that has been tested and proven to be more responsive with better features standard on the phone is the Palm pre.. But thats another topic and discussion.

    Verizon = The Network to set the standards for all other networks

    1) Great voice coverage
    2) Great Network Coverage
    3) Verizon small business plans
    4) Great for mms and sms ( If your phone is capable which 9 out of 10 are)
    5) Great Customer service Via – 611

    1) You have to pay for sms and mms
    2) Can be pricey
    3) Horrible customer service – In Store (Some stores)
    4) Limits broadband usage to 5gb a month even if its unlimited
    5) Have to pay for GPS navigation and wont allow you to use 3rd party GPS navigation for free

    Im sure there are more.. But im just touching the basics here

    Ok on to AT&T

    AT&T = Also a very large network
    1) Has an exclusive contract with the Iphone
    2) Has the Iphone
    3)Sells Iphone both new and refurbished
    4) Great In Store Customer Service

    Thats all i can see with them right now..

    1) Horrible Network
    2) Horrible coverage
    3) Horrible Customer Service – Via Phone
    4) No Insurance on the iphone<— SUPER WOW!!!

    TO sum it up.. The Iphone is a proven phone.. IT does what it says it does. If it doesnt do it.. it does not say that it does it. BUT.. Everything can and will be improved upon.. From cars, to planes to trains to cell phones, Someone will eventually come out with something better that takes over from its predecessors. Now I’m not saying that the Droid will do this. Im saying that there is a chance.. IF… IT does what it says it does and doesn’t boast something that it doesnt do. Many a phone have made claims but have fallen short of that “Iphone Killer” moniker. I guess we will just have to wait and see.. But I for one would love to see the Iphone on Verizon and test it out to see what it can really do on a great network.. Also.. i see a lot of Bill gates references in the commercial or PC stuff.. This IS NOT.. AND I REPEAT… IS NOT.. AND I REREPEAT…. NOT A Windows Platform.. It is an Android platform not to get mixed up with the Windows Mobile Platform so get it through yours heads once and for all.. this is an OS created by Google.. Not Microsoft..

  • Guest

    I want anyone who owns an iphone and has had to change the battery to raise their hand. I have never replace the battery in any cell phone, nor have i replaced the battery in an ipod. Who cares if you cant remove the battery (oh yeah and if you go to an apple store they will do it for you. wouldnt you have to go there anyway to buy a battery?) I rest my case on that point. It cracks me up that all these people are saying how great the droid is and they have never even held one in their hands. dont you think you should at least use it a little before you start making all these claims about it being an iphone killer? Also blackberry still owns the market on smartphones so shouldnt we be talking about a blackberry killer? I own an iphone 3gs and have never had a dropped call nor have i ever been without internet service, suck on that verizon.

    • GuestListn


      • Guest

        1) I’m on Verizon, I’ve had half the dropped calls my friend has had with ATT SUCK ON THAT ATTT!!1!1!@W!!

        2)I HATE MY BLACKBERRY, I hope this phone is a blackberry killer because F*** that piece of S***

        HAIL SATAN!!!

    • Guest

      Can’t you just order a replacement battery on the web for every phone but an iPhone?

      • Guest

        I usually just bought a hi-cap battery with my phones, and carried the original battery as a spare. Any iPhone user that has done that raise your hand…(sarcasm)

        Lol the petty bickering on here is good for a laugh imo…

        Thought this was a phone thread, not a mac vs. pc debate…

    • Guest

      you go i agree with all you said.

    • Guest

      you were good until you said no drop calls. every phone drops calls even my iPhone. Droid is and will be another failed attempt to be like an iPhone. Face it anything anybody does will have to look at the iPhone to beat it. Not My touch not the palm pre not the storm not any so called iphone killers. droid just get in line with those other wannabees.

  • Guest

    That’s why after “idont buy brands that bash other brands”, the clip of their “textbook example” comes up, and followed by the “I…oops”, just to be tongue and cheek. The I’m a mac I’m pc ad campaign was and is so successful that it’s merely the basis of windows new campaign of “I’m a pc”.

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Guest

    No it’s not. The iPhone is such a superior phone it is rediculous. As service goes I live around Philadelphia and I travel and never had any problems with service and I get 3g everywhere. If you have ever had an iPhone you would know how much better it really is. The droid is just another “okay” , “average” phone. People are skuwed by the specs. There so called 5.0 Mega pixel camera sucks compared to iPhones 3.0 mega pixel, it’s not all about the pixels, the iPhone simply takes more clear pictures, that’s it. And the droid is not even multi-touch touchscreen, really wow! To say that motorola has came out with a phone better or even close to better than apple you have to be insane. Apples user interface is far easyer and better in general

    • Guest

      cause you’ve used a DROID right? I’m willing to bet that you didn’t go out today and buy a new Android phone on Verizon, and not to mention, pixels denote the clarity of the picture…

      I’m not sure you can really take any of the points made in your paragraph seriously since

      1)You haven’t had the phone in your possession…
      2)You don’t know what pixels are…
      3)DROID is not one phone, its a line of phones, both the HTC DROID Eris and HTC DROID Passion will be full touch screen and will have the number 1 user interface on them…
      4)When the Passion comes out it will have a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor in it, making it the fastest phone on the market (The Moto DROID and the iPhone both possess about half the processing speed)

      Need I continue?

      I’m sure that my comments will be viewed as “flaming”, but those are just simply facts… any idiot can look them up

    • Guest

      Too bad your iphone or the app you are currently using to write doesn’t have a spell and grammar check!

  • Folkien

    ” Vague information” like ???

    “scare tactics” ? Like huge campaign of advertising of “app for that” , that all smatphone on wm does since so long …

    “imitate” Apple copy all of existing app on windows mobile, so who imitate ?

    “itunes” itunes is the worst software for find music ever, drm, bad bitrate …ect

    “for bash” i think apple fan cant say that , with the shiting apple politic ^^

    It’s a juste return.

    Now i will buy a Htc Hero or a Motorola Droid. Something with copy/paste is not a revolution. Or not with a crap color screen.

    • Guest

      Lol, dude I’d wait for the HTC Passion, its gonna be the shit, google it, its VZW DROID phone that is going to knock the pants off the iCrap

  • Guest

    Do any of you have actual tests between these two or is this site just full of people wanting to hear them self speak like something is better just because I say so. So of us would like actual facts.

    • Guest

      No one here knows what they’re talking about…

      The iPhone fans will NEVER admit that there is something out there the could possibly be better than their phone, and the DROID fans are creaming over something that’s completely untested as of yet. Android 2.0 is brand spankin new, the moto DROID is brand spankin new, and if I remember correctly the very first iPhone had a ton of problems.

      None of this matters…

      • Guest

        Dude come back to us iPhone users when Sony and other major electronics start making aftermarket equipment that surround themselves around the droid.

  • Re: Brilliant

    dude, the whole point of the “I don’t buy brands that bash other brands” was the joke. Thats why they had the “i…. oops, iCame First” The entire point of the last part of the video was to say, Wow, we did that first. Obviously you dont understand advertising very well.

  • fredphoesh

    Hi Jeremy,
    I dont live in the USA so am not very involved with the iDont campaign, but something the iDont campaign missed is THE REASON I will never buy an iPhone.

    With the iPhone, you have to use quicktime, itunes, a proprietory cable. You cannot drag and drop folders of music to and from your phone.

    I detest all of that (and I own two mac computers of my own). I like being able to plug in to a generic USB, on ANY computer anywhere, and just add or remove or copy music to and from the device as much as I want, no interference from a freak controlling Apple.

    This would make iPhone (or an iPod for that matter) completely unacceptable to me.

    Mark UK.

    • Guest

      you are retarded just make a playlist

      • Guest

        no, you’re retarded…

        since you obviously can’t read, the man is stating that you CAN’T just drag and drop with an ipod or iphone…

        • Guest

          dude just put all your music in a folder and add the folder to itunes. easy day. if this is your for not getting an iphone you have no idea what you are missing. lol

  • B.LowMe

    You are all stupid. I am on Verizon and would never switch to AT&T. But that doesn’t change the fact that iPhone is still better than anything the Verizon has to offer. Even if the HTC Passion has the fastest processor that’s conceivably possible, I, the average consumer, won’t give a shit. It is way more user friendly and fun to play with than any HTC device. Verizon will have the iphone in Q4 of 2010, and all of you retards will be silenced. For now I am stuck with a shit ass Voyager, which was briefly called “the iPhone killer”, I can upgrade, but I know the Moto Droid will be obsolete in less than a year. Peace the fuck out!

    • Guest


      See, the point about the fastest processor to me would matter greatly, not only is HTC’s sense UI the number 1 user interface, but with a 1Ghz processor it’ll be the fastest by far!

      The iphone will be obsolete by Q4 of 2010, so why bother getting one then, it’ll remind you of your pos voyager i bet.

  • Penis


    you’re all idiots

    its just a phone

    iphone sucks ass, but noone will ever admit it because its shiny and made by apple

    droids havent even been tested yet

    blackberrys suck so bad

    every phone sucks, none of them will ever live up to your rediculous standards

    you all suck, get off my internets…

  • Guest

    what everyone fails to take into account with the next iPhone killer is that first you need to spend oh say a few decades building a loyal and extremely faithful following, then launch a phone that totally integrates with the 2-3 Macs at home, etc etc. Until then, EVERY new phone will be good and maybe better than the iPhone at somethings (maybe everything including price/rates) but it will just be a phone – new and shiny. but after the first few weeks of new wear off, what do you have? a good phone – yawn. meanwhile the Mac Faithful have a phone that allows them to be more faithful to Apple. no Windows based phone will ever get there. all others are just a spark – no base for a true fire.

    • Guest

      So basically it needs to be shiny and made by Apple to be cool? Motorola has been around longer than the iPhone… Also not everyone who has an iPhone has 2-3 macs at home, ya rich bastard… Thats at least 6,000 worth of shitty computer technology when my HP quad-core beast (find a mac with a quad core…) cost 1/6 of that, and its far more capable than any shitty mac, I know, I’ve owned a mac, and after the first few weeks of new wore off what did I have? A shitty computer that wasn’t capable of fucking anything – yawn…

      • Guest

        I have a Mac Pro with two Quad Cores. Idiot.

        • Guest

          lol, that sucks

          I have a 8 core computer as well, and I built it myself for about half the price of that shitty mac pro or whatever idiot mac lover…

          • Guest

            Mac sucks, even with 8 cores its super fast at doing jack shit, unless of course you want to get to your itunes quicker or edit a video of you and your gay friends doing stuff that isn’t at all cool, but you keep posting it on youtube because you got a few “right-on” comments…

            Also, try finding a quad-core mac laptop…

            Also, the only reason mac even has quad and eight core processors is because of Intel, intel saved mac’s ass so hard and noone realizes it…

            you’re an idiot and I hate you

  • RobertM

    the problem is not the iphone…

    the problem is AT&T.

    The simple true is that AT&T’s coverage is really bad. If AT&T expects there customers to stay loyal, they should concentrate on improving their coverage. I am an iphone owner on AT&T and I cannot stand the coverage, nor their customer service. It really is awful.

  • Vincent j Kendrick jr

    The iPhone rocks, apple continues to evolve the iPhone, it gets better and better with each new update and each new genration of iPhones, it is the ultimate phone and it will always be the one that sets the bar and standard for phone tec, so go ahead Verizon try and beat the ultimate phone it will just evolve into something even better than it already is and then what are you going to do then? I know cry wee wee all the way home, in closing I just want to say thththththththththththth!!!!!!

    • Guest

      Its gonna be HILARIOUS when Verizon gets the iPhone and it just goes the way of the Razr, remember how AWESOME everyone thought that piece of shit was? iPhone is a fad and nothing more, same with DROID, its just a goddamn phone and for anyone to lose their shit over any phone just solidifies the fact that America has become a fat, shitty, materialistic country…

      Its a fucking phone, I don’t care what it can do, its just a fucking phone, and for people to argue over a piece of shit iPhone vs. something that hasn’t even really been out for a month… well… The iPhone sucks, and anyone who says otherwise is just obsessed with everything Apple… People who tell you the DROID will be better than the iPhone are just jealous that they can’t have one because mommy and daddy won’t let them switch providers.

      • Guest

        Would you like a little cheese with your whine? Tool.

        • Guest

          The above post about whining and cheese makes no sense… dude isn’t whining about shit… TOOL LMFAO!!!!! I INSULTED SUM1 ON TEH INTERNETS!!!!11@!!!J!PO1!! IM SO FUCKING COOL!!! 1337 h4xx0r!!!!!

  • Guest

    Being held in solitary confinement by iTunes is torture enough. The DROID is an open phone. I can move music to it from any computer without having to self destruct my existing “music library”.

    Happily, very happy, iDON’T do iTUNES.

  • Guest

    Wow, the Internet really has given stupid people a voice. Congratulations, you’re all morons. Now go masturbate to whatever phone/carrier you blindly worship.

    • Guest

      ha, well said sir, but this has been entertaining to say the least. People are so damn stupid it makes me laugh phones a phone, nuff said. they’re both going to have ups and downs…

  • Guest

    I am really amazed at the ridiculous comments on this forum.
    To begin with the “A Phone is a Phone comment is silly. The iPhone brought to fruition what everybody talked about for years. The “smart phone” any other manufacturer has allot of catching up to do to compete. Someone will eventually build a better mousetrap they always do.
    I’m so tired of the Mac vs PC thing I want to throw up. They’re both great and they both Suck. If you buy a computer for any other reason than to have it do what you need you’re a fool. Video editing, audio editing and most art related activities the Mac wins hands down. For writing a book doing CAD work and many technical jobs PC are the stronger. Why… The software you fools. If you want to know who is who and what is what; which I sure you dolts don’t talk to the software makers like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and many more. It is the products that they develop for a particular platform that will make or break a product for a particular platform. People invest their egos in bashing what they know the least about. Sports fans really know very little about a sport. Facts and history of a sport means little. If you don’t know how to play a sport and you can’t do it you don’t know very much about it. I’ll bet that most PC users can’t install a hard drive or RAM. In fact, I’ll bet most of them don’t have the vaguest idea how these devices work and why. So that said we have a bunch of very ignorant people yapping about things they know nothing about. Amazing!

  • Traffic Court

    The iPhone is gr8. So many reasons. The phone works. I had a Treo before, phone crashed all the time. The apps r cool. So many neat ones. Weird games that entertain for a few hours for only 99 cents or even free. Does the web well, except for flash – ugh!

  • Guest

    Guys, I just got a TRACPHONE from my local Walmart and WOW!! It has got to be the best thing since sliced bread. It had push button numbers on the front that I use to call people! it has this new TEXT feature that I hope to learn how to use soon. It looks really cool next to my walkman so I can listen to my music until I get a phone call. YAY

  • Ken C.

    Lots of folks with ‘tude here. Get off your phones and computers and get a life!

  • Deals on iPod Apps

    Who really cares – the ipod / ipad will rule the universise. It’s a cult thing.