Apple Close To Crossing 'The 700 Million iOS Devices Shipped' Barrier


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Apple's iPhone event is the talk of the Internet at the moment--well, for those who aren't talking about Miley Cyrus getting kind of naked in her new video--as people huddle around the modern-day transistor radio, waiting breathlessly for any nuggets of information regarding their next mobile device. With the announcement of some iPhone 5 updates, Apple once again delivered some wave-making information. Before that, however, Apple CEO Tim Cook took a moment to boast about his company's success.

During his keynote speech, Cook indicated that, by the end of next month, Apple will have shipped 700 million iOS-enabled devices. Naturally, this includes such devices like the iPhone, iPad, and the sometimes forgotten iPod Touch. When you look at a mobile operating system market share graph, you'll quickly notice that this is clearly an "Android versus iOS" world, and the rest of the flock is struggling to catch their table scraps:

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile OS Market Share

Who knows? Maybe Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia will shake things up a little.

The question is, do consumers really want a viable third option, especially when you consider how companies like BlackBerry have fallen to the side, while Android and iOS have risen above the competition? Or are people so conditioned by thousands of hours of iPhone/Samsung Galaxy commercials, the other options will continue to remain on the outside, looking in, regardless of how well received their commercials are?

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