Apple Announces iPad In Business Seminar Series


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To say that the iPad has captured the consumer tablet market would not quite be accurate. The fact is that the iPad effectively created the consumer tablet market. As such, it has developed a reputation as a primarily consumer device - a tablet for watching video and reading books and browsing the web. For some in the business world, that reputation is enough to keep them from buying iPads as productivity tools. Nevertheless, the adoption rate of the iPad among business people is increasing.

In recent months, Apple has taken steps to increase the iPad's business appeal by promoting its usefulness to those in the business world. To that end, they've just announced a series of live online seminars designed to help iPad users in the business world get the most out of their tablets. Here's the description from Apple's website.

iPad is changing the way companies across the globe use mobile devices for work. See how many of these companies are developing and deploying mission-critical apps to help improve productivity and give employees secure and immediate access to information anywhere. There will also be a Q&A segment where viewer questions will be answered by Apple Business Experts.

The seminars are on July 26 and August 1. Both are about half an hour long, and registration is free. They include an interactive Q&A session, as well.