Apple Announcement Could Hold Big Surprises

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Apple will announce some major news to fans today, which is a huge deal for both the company and the people who are rabid supporters of the brand.

It seems whenever Apple unveils a new device--or when a rumor surfaces about a new device, even--the internet blows up with searches about what it is, what it looks like, how much it will be, and when it will be on the market. Today's announcement, which comes live from San Francisco for many bloggers and media outlets, is no exception. It is, perhaps, the pinnacle of the season for technology, much like Fashion Week is for designers.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, is spearheading the announcement and is expected to touch base on the new iPhone, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, and the iPad. Fans are also hoping to hear more about rumored apps and features for certain devices, such as the one WebProNews reported on recently regarding Apple getting rid of Google Maps for the iPhone and replacing it with their own mapping system.

While Apple fans are more than likely going to be clamoring for new product info, Cook is also expected to speak a bit about Mountain Lion, the new operating system for Mac. As of right now--about an hour into the conference--Apple has touched on the MacBook Pro, which will have a sharper display and will be only about an inch thick when closed. Vice President Phil Schiller is touting it as "the most amazing computer we have ever made". There's also been discussion about the MacBook Air, which has an update on graphics and memory, and a new app which helps blind users explore the world around them.

Apple may choose to reveal smaller news today rather than use this as a platform to unveil something huge, but they have surprised us in the past. Stay tuned to WebProNews for more coverage of the conference and breaking announcements as they come.

Update: Several big things have been announced, including Mountain Lion adding a dictation feature, an update to Apple Aperture, and iOS 6 features.

Apple also touched on integration of Siri with cars, creating a hands-free assistant.

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