Apparently, Mobile CPU Performance Is Just Like Playing Guitar Hero


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Qualcomm CPUs are in pretty much every major smartphone available today. There's a good reason for that - they're damn good CPUs. That doesn't mean there aren't other good CPUs out there, but Qualcomm thinks it still has the best around.

In a new video released this week, Qualcomm explains how its quad-core CPUs outperform the competition's octa-core CPUs. But wait, eight cores are better than four cores, right? That would be the case if the octa-core processors were using the latest technologies. According to Qualcomm, it's competition, in this case MediaTek, is using older ARM CPUs while its latest quad-core CPUs are using the latest technology to provide faster speeds over previous SoCs.

All of the above is illustrated in a "battle of the bands" using a Guitar Hero like UI. It's pretty strange, but it gets the point across - the Qualcomm SoCs are faster than the competition by a long shot.

There's some truth to this as faster clock speeds can beat out more cores if the apps in question aren't optimized to use more cores. Once octa-cores become commonplace, however, apps will start to distribute their tasks among all the cores for increased performance. Of course, Qualcomm will have introduced octa-core SoCs by then and will release another ad lambasting the competition. Let's just hope they reference something a little more recent.

[Image: QualcommVlog/YouTube] [h/t: Engadget]