AOL’s Spanish Language Election Coverage

    November 1, 2004

AOL Latino will offer comprehensive election coverage through its “Tu Voz Es Tu Voto” (Your Voice is Your Vote) area.

With recent national polls indicating that the two candidates are virtually tied, the participation of the Latino vote will be crucial in this upcoming election. According to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), almost 40 million Hispanics currently reside in the United States, and approximately seven million of them are registered to vote. This is important since many of them live in key electoral vote states such as Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Texas.

This November 2, “Tu Voz Es Tu Voto” will not only include live coverage from the 538 districts but will also have up-to-the-minute results of state elections, including the results of the Colorado and Florida Senate elections which could determine if the US elects the first Hispanic Senator of the 21st century.

Another area of the special elections coverage site will allow AOL Latino members to react and interact with all the latest news from the campaign headquarters since they will be able to voice their opinions through chat rooms and message boards. These highly interactive areas invite our members to share their voting and poll experiences from different states to discover how each state differs. Also, AOL Latino will offer an extensive voting guide which compares the views of both candidates on various issues such as immigration, education, abortion, and healthcare.

“Gaining the Hispanic vote is seen as crucial this year and the Internet proved to be an effective way for each candidate to voice his message,” says Lavonne Luquis, Director of Programming, AOL Latino. “With almost 14 million Hispanics currently online, AOL Latino recognizes the importance of offering our members the latest news and data needed for them to make an informed decision this Election Day.”

Also, for our bilingual members AOL News is offering English language coverage with, the #1 Political website (comScore/Media Metrics) available to members and non-members alike. Exclusively for members, the area will provide live interactive election night coverage on Nov. 2, starting at 6 p.m. ET, via its Press Pass service (AOL Keyword: Press Pass).

The Press Pass service includes live and on-demand video coverage, featuring interactive ABC News Now broadcasts, AOL member questions asked directly to in-studio guests, instant polling by AOL members, message board and chat room debating and other news resources – articles, biographical information – for interested Web-viewers.

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