AOLs In2TV Welcomes Back TV Faves

    March 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Pinky and his evil genius friend, The Brain, once had regularly televised aspirations of world domination. They’re probably still the Martin and Lewis of dastardly deeds somewhere – hanging with Mr. Kotter in Rerunville. AOL’s In2TV broadband television network can retrieve the little bandits from memory lane.

Mysterious Workings
Brain: It proved that radio was a powerful tool. And now, Pinky, the advance of technology has brought us an even more powerful tool. Do you know what that is?

Pinky: Ummm… the rubber band?

Brain: The Workings of you mind are a mystery to me Pinky.

Kirk Cameron’s there, too, in case you missed him. The In2TV network is made up entirely of on-demand shows you may have forgotten about, or have been longing to see again for the past 20 years. And they’ve even got TV karaoke if the theme to “Alice” never really left your head.

And if you need more than two reasons to watch Linda Carter play Wonder Woman again, then there’s no hope for you, just take the “Perfect Strangers” line to the right.

AOL says it’s the largest collection of free on-demand TV shows on the Web. With the help of Warner Brothers, the IPTV network includes programs from the past 40 years like Chico & The Man, Sisters, Kung Fu, and Lois & Clark.

“In2TV breaks new ground as the first true broadband television network,” said Kevin Conroy, Executive Vice President, AOL Media Networks.

Content is divided into categories like “Toon Topia TV,” “Heroes and Horrors TV,” and “Vintage TV.” All of the episodes can also be found through the new AOL Video Search, and can be viewed full-screen with Windows Media streaming technology as well as in the new AOL Hi-Q video format.

Warner Bros. Domestic Cable Distribution adds that more recent programming will be added periodically.

Similar to broadcast or cable television, the network is advertising supported. Advertisers can choose accompanying banner ads, and 15- or 30-second video ads for programming. AOL says commercials will be limited to a total of 1-2 minutes within each 30-minute episode, compared to 8 minutes of advertising on broadcast television.

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