AOL Wins Finance Site Competition

    January 11, 2008

It almost seems like a mistake, or if we’re to be a little less generous, something out of the company’s pressroom.  That’s not the case, though; an independent and reliable party – comScore – has declared AOL’s beta finance site victorious over Yahoo’s.

Yahoo Finance was ahead in this market for years on end.  Offerings from Google, Microsoft, and whatever else you can think of never got ahead – regardless of its search standing, Yahoo was always on top.  Until now.AOL Wins Finance Site Competition

Michael Arrington reports, "AOL rose from 12.2 million unique visitors in November to 13.5 million in December, a 10% increase.  Meanwhile Yahoo dipped from 13.7 to 13.2 million unique visitors, and MSN Money dipped from 11.6 to 11 million visitors.  The combined decrease in Yahoo’s and MSN’s audiences is almost equal to the gains by made by AOL."

Of course, those numbers still don’t assure AOL of everlasting triumph – AOL Money & Finance Beta is just a small slip away from going back to second place (or worse).  This is a genuinely impressive accomplishment, though, and perhaps a sort of vindication of some of the recent layoffs.

Yahoo, on the other hand, might be looking at even more layoffs as a result.