AOL Wants Graphic Content On Google

    December 20, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

As part of the $1 billion dollar deal with Google, AOL wants contextual ads appearing on Google’s search results to yield some space to graphical advertisements. Google has been delivering graphic ads on numerous sites throughout its network of publishers…

AOL Wants Graphic Content On Google
Will Google Feature AOL-Requested Graphics?

…and had planned to do so eventually on its search pages, the New York Times reported.

AOL has made that plan a required feature of its pending deal with Google. AOL and ads from other marketers will be displayed in graphical format, the Times said as it cited two sources close to the talks.

For AOL to get graphical ads on Google, it will have to bid out of a $300 million allowance in advertising Google provides as part of the arrangement. Those ads could appear on the Google search results as well as in places like Froogle or Google’s image search.

The One Box appearing at the top of Google search results for certain queries may begin to contain more results from AOL. Placement in the One Box is not influenced by spending on advertising. The article cited one source who claimed a future expansion of One Box with AOL content would focus on celebrities.

Google has not clearly explained how one part of the deal, where they help AOL optimize web pages for better search engine ranking, will take place. A search marketer quoted by the Times thinks Google will do what it does for other large sites by having one of their engineers review generally available SEO information.

But that hasn’t been confirmed anywhere yet. AOL pages that start appearing high on the first page of search results in Google will be an object lesson in optimizing pages for other marketers.

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