AOL To Release New Music Service

    May 12, 2006

AOL is taking a big step in the march to allow users to personalize their online experience. With a new open API release, individuals can add content from AOL Music Now to their personal web site or blog, or to their MySpace-style AIM Page.

“AOL Music Now Web Services opens a world of new opportunities to take digital music beyond the borders of one application or web site,” Neil Smith, Vice President, AOL Music Now, said in a statement. “These simple tools for AOL Music Now empower developers and fans to take that expression to a new level.”

In a press release, AOL proudly cites earlier cooperative measures, saying that the new music service “builds on AOL’s recent efforts in the open API space including developer releases for the AIM(R) service, MapQuest(R) and a long history of third party development for the popular Winamp(R) player.”

AOL Music Now is currently in a preview format, with a full release expected sometime this summer. Once it is up and running, the service should offer over 2 million music tracks, with selections from every major record label and around one hundred independent companies.

Although a specific goal isn’t named, it seems likely that AOL is preparing for a huge number of users-the press release cites the tens of millions of people who make use of WinAmp and visit

The new site should be flexible, allowing “the option to purchase or subscribe to access.” It will be interesting to see how many people accept AOL’s new offering to the public.

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