AOL Says Rumors Related To New TOS Terms Are False

    March 13, 2005

An AOL representive responded today to a Steve Rubel post criticizing new TOS terms via a comment in his Micro Persuasion blog.

You can read their full response in the Micro Persuasion blog.

Here is an excerpt of their response …

“The rumors flying around the blogosphere about the AIM Terms of Service are totally false.

First and foremost, AOL does not monitor, read or review any user-to-user communication through the AIM network, except in response to a valid legal process. The AIM privacy policy (which is part of the AIM TOS) should make that crystal clear.

… Finally, there seems to be a misimpression that the change was recently made. In fact, the current AIM Terms of Service was last updated in February 2004 and has been in place for more than a year. The prior terms of service had very similar language reserving the same rights.

In short, AIM user-to-user communication has been and will remain private, the AIM TOS was not changed, and the TOS includes a standard clause on publicly posted material.

Andrew Weinstein
Spokesman, America Online

I guess that clears it up … If you would like to comment on this click here.

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