AOL OpenRide

    October 4, 2006

Have you seen AOL’s OpenRide? It isn’t for everyone, but for a lot of users, OpenRide looks amazing.

OpenRide is an all-in-one client, with web browsing, e-mail, instant messaging and a media player, all in a single view that automatically adjusts based on what you are doing.

That means that even while you are browsing the web, your email, IM and media are in front of you, just off to the side, and if you click on any of those, they automatically take up more of the screen.

I love the idea of combining multiple programs into a single control panel.

Is there any third party software that lets you do it well in Windows?

I’ve been playing around with Adobe’s Production Studio, and it uses a similar, and really effective, UI, and I’m convinced that this is the way to go.

Letting windows snap onto each other is going to be a big deal, and Microsoft could make a lot of people happy by building it into an update to Windows.

Take a look at OpenRide, or read the AP story.



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