AOL Massages Video Portal

    July 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The redesign to AOL Video integrated its Truveo video search technology with the updates delivered by the website.

AOL’s December 2005 purchase of video search site Truveo brought it a well-regarded technology. It’s taken a while for Truveo to supplant the SingingFish technology on AOL Video, but that has finally happened.

Just as AOL News embraced whitespace in its recent refurbishment, AOL Video received similar treatment. Video result presentations come back in a grid of 15 blocks, which list the video’s title, source, category, and video length.

User-submitted video that arrives through AOL’s UnCut Video has a place on the updated video site. A small display of thumbnails to recently uploaded videos appears above the ubiquitous branded advertising display on the top right of the main page.

AOL also announced today the availability of a new Windows Vista-ready sidebar gadget which enables consumers to watch popular AOL Video content while using other applications. The skinnable AOL Video Gadget features five channels showcasing 10 of the most recent or most popular videos in each channel.

The gadget can be downloaded from the AOL Developer Network.

Traffic numbers to AOL Video increased greatly from August 2006 to April 2007. A comScore Media Metrix report said unique visitors grew to 8 million per month, while page views rose to 76 million for the period.