AOL Loves Football

    November 17, 2006

Football fanatics rejoice! AOL announced an online video contest, dubbed America Loves Football, that gives fans a chance to submit videos to win big prizes.

Are you a football fan that paints your face using the colors of your favorite team on game day? Do you want to win huge prizes from AOL simply for submitting a unique fan video? If so, you’re in luck; this week AOL announced that it would host a contest for football fans across America on it’s new, and free, UnCut video site.

AOL’s America Loves Football contest allows users to upload their fanatical videos, based upon the week’s theme or any previous theme, onto AOL’s user-generated UnCut video.

Fans may use any means digital platform including camera phone, webcam, digital camera, or camcorder to submit their videos. AOL has determined that the themes will include “Extreme Tailgating”, “Excessive Celebration”, and “Family Football Frenzy”.

The contest itself will run for ten weeks, each week debuting a new theme for fans to use. There are seven themes in all and any theme that has been released may be used for video inspiration by football fans.

Individual winners will then be chosen at the end of the ten weeks from each themed category and go onto to compete for the grand prize. No one goes home a loser though; each finalist wins a cash prize.

Voters on the America Loves Football website determine which finalist will win the Ultimate Game Day Prize, which includes a 46″ Sony(r) LCD TV, Bose(r) speakers, a Sony(r) Blu-ray DVD player and a Dell(r) XPS 400 Intel(r) Viiv(tm) Media Center PC to complete the video experience.

Also included in the prize will be a “fully catered party to watch the big game for the winner and 50 of his/her friends, as well as professional installation home theater system to ensure the winner and his or her guests enjoy the party and viewing experience hassle free”, say AOL representatives.

In addition to running the ten week fan contest, the America Loves Football website will keep fans updated with the latest football standings and NFL headlines from AOL sports.

AOL’s America Loves Football contest is the perfect forum for any fan that has ever watched a starting tailgating at nine o’clock in the morning or painted their entire body the color of the team they support.

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Autmn Davis is a staff writer for WebProNews covering ebusiness and technology.