AOL Looks to Redeem Some Ad Revenue

    August 11, 2008
    Chris Crum

It was recently announced that Time Warner would be selling off AOL split into different sections, with the dial-up business going to one buyer, and the advertising and content part going to another.

In fact, Time Warner reported that AOL’s display ad revenue had dropped a whopping 14% in the quarter.

Now perhaps as an attempt to boost that revenue back up a bit, AOL has introduced a new 300×600 ad spot on it’s home pages as well as its client pages and sites that it shares brands with.

That’s not the only measures the company has taken in the advertising game recently. As Marketing Vox points out:

"It launched a mobile ad service through its Third Screen Media arm, partnered with ADTECH for a video ad deal on the United Kingdom’s, and debuted an ad campaign with prescription eyeglass retailer Glasses Direct, also UK-based."’

As far as the new ad spots are concerned though, AOL feels like it has the upper hand over its competitors according to this MediaPost article. Yahoo! and MSN both offer display ads at smaller sizes, which are likely to get overlooked more than AOL’s new "skyscraper" ad.

AOL debuted the spot with an ad for Samsung Mobile with an Olympics theme.