AOL Launches Xdrive

    June 12, 2007

AOL has launched the Open Xdrive, a public API that allows developers to create rich media management to share with their Web site users.

AOL Launches Xdrive
“AOL Launches Xdrive”
AOL Launches Xdrive

Users can upload and share all file types such as photos, videos, music and documents from any Web site using Xdrive. Files are stored and accessed from the user’s personal online storage account.

Users of Xdrive will have 5 GB of free storage without limiting file size or bandwidth. Users have the option of upgrading their accounts to 50GB for $9.95 per month.

"Rich media management and online storage increases engagement. Giving consumers the ability to share their media assets help Website owners build awareness and increase their audience," said David Liu, Senior Vice President of AOL Portals.

"By utilizing each consumer’s complimentary 5GB Xdrive account, a Website owner can benefit from these capabilities without incurring the usual infrastructure, operations, and development costs."