AOL Launches Enterprise Federation Program To Connect Corporate Users

    April 14, 2005

America Online, Inc., the world’s leading interactive services company, today announced that it has launched the AOL Enterprise Federation Partner (EFP) program to help communities of at-work instant messaging users connect and communicate in real time.

America Online, which operates the nation’s largest public instant messaging network and is the IM provider of choice for 14 million at-work users, also announced that it has added four new software companies to its roster of enterprise federation partners.

Through working with America Online, the new partners, Antepo, Inc., Jabber, Inc., Omnipod, Inc. and Parlano, Inc., are able to offer their enterprise customers certificate-based and encrypted access to the AOL Messaging Network, including the AIM and ICQ services, as well as Netscapeand Apple iChat users worldwide.

Under the terms of AOL’s EFP program, each company’s enterprise IM solution is provided with authorized connectivity to the AOL Federation Gateway, which will handle the routing and translation of traffic between SIP/SIMPLE, XMPP and AOL’s proprietary messaging system.

“The AOL Enterprise Federation Partner program will increase both the scope and value of the AOL Messaging Network by connecting business communities and empowering at-work users to use instant messaging as a doorway to communications,” said Brian Curry, vice president, Premium and Subscription Services, America Online, Inc.

“Federation with the AOL Messaging Network will help our partners speed the flow of business processes, enabling their customers to realize new efficiencies and increase productivity.”

AOL federation with these enterprise IM providers allows each company’s customers to engage in real time communications not only with co-workers, but with vendors, partners and customers who use the AOL Messaging Network.

Each company’s enterprise customers will be able to add AOL, AIM and ICQ users to the contact lists within their at-work IM solution. In turn, AOL, AIM and ICQ users will be able to add these enterprise IM users to their AIM Buddy List and ICQ Contact List features.

In addition, AOL is testing new services for customers of AOL EFP partners, including business-to-business clearinghouse services and advanced communications features.

Antepo’s OPN System Delivers Federated Access to the AOL Messaging Network

Membership in AOL’s EFP program enables controlled connectivity between Antepo’s Open Presence Network System and the AOL Messaging Network.

It provides Antepo’s growing enterprise customer base with managed connectivity to the nation’s largest public IM network. Antepo enterprise customers relying upon OPN System to help meet corporate requirements for security, policy enforcement and compliance can now seamlessly interact with customers and partners on the AOL Messaging Network.

To learn more about Antepo, Inc. please see

Jabber Inc. Extends Enterprise Customers’ Reach to Another 14 Million At-Work Users

As a member of AOL’s EFP program, Jabber Inc. customers using the Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber XCP) can federate their Jabber XCP servers with the AOL Messaging Network, giving users greater communications reach while still relying upon the Jabber XCP to address regulatory compliance needs.

Jabber, Inc. is a leading provider of presence and messaging solutions based upon the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. XMPP is approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a standard for messaging and presence technologies.

Jabber XCP is a highly programmable presence and messaging framework, capable of bridging applications, devices, multi-media, and protocols across fixed and mobile networks. To learn more about Jabber, Inc., please see

Omnipod Extends Reach of On-Demand Enterprise IM to Nation’s Leading IM Network

AOL’s EFP program delivers Omnipod’s POD EIM solution to the AOL Messaging Network, enabling Omnipod enterprise customers to exchange IMs and presence with AOL IM users via the POD application.

Omnipod’s POD is a leading ‘On-Demand’ solution for controlled enterprise IM and includes other important collaboration tools such as persistent chat, global SMS, online conferencing and file sharing.

Omnipod’s customers include hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, financial organizations, state and local governments and small-to-midsize firms across virtually every industry segment, and the company can be found at

Parlano Links Enterprise Group Messaging and Team Collaboration Solutions to AOL

Finally, the AOL EFP program provides Parlano the right to federate MindAlign users to the AOL Messaging Network, enabling Parlano customers to exchange IMs and presence information with AOL IM users.

MindAlign and MindAlign for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server deliver persistent group and topic-based messaging that connects employees, customers and partners with the right people, information and context to execute business processes more efficiently.

Parlano’s participation in the AOL EFP program extends end user access to key business partners through connectivity with the world’s leading Instant Messaging network. To learn more about Parlano, Inc., please see

The AOL Enterprise Federation Partner program is a new initiative that builds on America Online’s federation agreements with Reuters, Inc. and Microsoft Corporation.

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