AOL: Free Ads Sponsored By Commercials

    November 14, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

How about a commercial to go with your commercial? In conjunction with the portal’s roll out of newly available classic television, AOL also announced a trial of “Hi-Q,” a free DVD-quality video service offering visitors access to movie and video game trailers and music videos to broadband users, sponsored by GM.

Using a commercial-grade (emphasis here on commercial) peer-to-peer grid distribution network, developed in partnership with Kontiki. AOL Hi-Q is designed to deliver video content more quickly and efficiently. The Kontiki P2P network is also set up to protect copyrighted (advertising) content through digital rights management (DRM).

Available through a plug-in download, the AOL Hi-Q video player provides a high-resolution display with image quality designed for full-screen viewing on PC monitors or televisions capable of showing a PC interface.

For the trial, over 100 videos will be available through the video homepage. Content optimized for the Hi-Q format will be highlighted so that users can identify which videos support the format.

AOL says that as the trial expands, more video content will be made available in the new format.

Sponsored by General Motors, 15-second GM advertisements will accompany video playback. So all of those “free” movie and game trailers (commercials) are brought to you by GM. Great.

Maybe next they’ll release air brought to you by wind?