AOL Data Leaked Google Secrets

    August 21, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

If anyone in the world of search engine marketing or optimization ever doubted the importance of a top five organic ranking, a look at AOL’s search data, served up by Google, should remove any question of that.

AOL Data Leaked Google Secrets
Did AOL’s Leak Reveal Google’s Innerworkings?

54 percent of click-throughs recorded by AOL for its research project came through the top two listings in the search results returned to users, the SEO Blackhat blog noted recently. Since AOL search results come from its billion-dollar partner, Google, the search data confirms what many in SEO have always believed: rank in the top ten or risk being ignored.

The blog referred to analysis posted to EarnersForum about the bounty of user search data released by AOL, removed from their Research site, and mirrored on a number of websites and torrents.

Nearly 89 percent of click-throughs from the AOL search data happened in the top ten ranked search results. Trim that to just the top five results, and you will find 73.5 percent of the click-throughs took place there.

With the top two rankings in organic search catching over half of the clicks by users, webmasters who are not appearing as high as possible despite their optimization efforts will likely compel more interest in search marketing.

Even though Google keeps as much information about itself as tightly guarded as possible when it comes to its search rankings, they should be a little happy about this revelation, and secretly they may well be. Anything that drives more websites to AdWords to help increase their site rankings is more revenue for Google, so that cannot be entirely bad.


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