AOL CityGuide Seeks The Biggest Boom

    July 3, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Visitors to the CityGuide website can vote for their favorite fireworks display out of eleven cities in the United States (but not Boston.)

AOL CityGuide Seeks The Biggest Boom
The Best Fourth Of July Fireworks Displays

Poor Boston. When a winner of the online voting for the top fireworks display on the Fourth of July, Boston won’t even be in the top eleven cities put forth as candidates.

And worse, it looks like New York is a shoo-in to win right now. Bostonians will be even more delighted at that prospect.

For everyone else, there will be a whole lot of shakin’ going on when darkness begins on the Fourth. Spectacular fireworks shows will be blasting off to the delights of thousands of watchers all over the country.

Some people will be dancing in Miami or the rebuilding New Orleans. Others will jam with Hootie and the Blowfish in St. Louis, or jam the Capitol Mall in Washington DC to see the show.

West Coast types can see the show in places like San Diego and Lake Tahoe, while on the East Coast there is little to equal the thrills of shows in New York and Philadelphia.

Things will heat up considerably in Houston, where the biggest display over land takes place. Even better, Los Lonely Boys will play a warm-up show before the big booms begin.

Can’t wait for the Fourth? Chicago lights its candle tonight, July 3rd, on the lakefront. In Orlando, Disney World’s nightly fireworks displays happen each night, but special pyrotechnics have been planned for the holiday.

AOL’s CityGuide site looks at all eleven of these cities and the explosions they will put on display. Links from each city description on the Top 11 Booms with a View page go to their respective CityGuides, with more information available about the cities available there.

From WebProNews to our readers, have a Happy Fourth! Even you, Boston.


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