AOL And You Rank Super Bowl Ads

    February 4, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The only time of year when advertising receives as much hype as a sporting event means ad agencies kick it up a notch. So how do you think they did?

In the pre-Internet days, people actually had to remember ads that ran during the Super Bowl, so they could talk about Apple or Cindy Crawford the next day. Now, those ads receive a little digital embedding, and anyone with a Net connection can watch them again.

AOL has been keeping track of what the visiting public enjoyed most out of the Super Bowl ads airing during the remarkable performance by the New York Giants in their comeback victory over the New England Patriots. As of noon, the AOL Sports audience liked these five ads the most:

AOL And You Rank Super Bowl Ads

1     Budweiser: “Rocky”
2     Bridgestone: “Squirrel”
3     Coca-Cola: “Balloons”
4     Life Water: “Thriller”
5     E-Trade: “Baby”

AOL nicely organized the ads by quarter, with comments enabled for each ad spot. The ads will be online with voting enabled for the rest of the week.