AOL And Students Go Exploring

    January 25, 2007

AOL has partnered for a second time with Quest Network’s Blue Zones to allow kids to explore the longest living people in Costa Rica. The first expedition explored the healthy lifestyles of people living in Okinawa, Japan. KOL, AOL’s kids service will be involved in KOL Blue Zones Expedition an educational project that will allow students to participate in directing a team of scientists, explorers and journalists as they explore places where people live the longest.

National Geographic Society and the National Institutes On Aging back the project.Students will participate by using live-to-tape daily video segments from Costa Rica and then they will vote on what should be explored the next day through online voting.

The KOL Blue Zones Expedition in Costa Rica will run from January 29 through February 5. “We believe that students learn and retain the most knowledge when they are challenged and put in control of their learning environment,” said Dan Buettner, founder of Quest Network, Inc./

KOL will also feature a photo gallery, along with access to a Blue Zones Challenge that will allow kids to track their own progress with other students their own age.

“Teaching kids about a healthier lifestyle is increasingly becoming a national priority and we believe programs that engage kids in this subject are just as important as ones that teach kids their ABC’s, mathematics and history lessons,” said Mark Stevens, KOL Education Director & GM, AOL@SCHOOL. “By teaming with Quest Network’s Blue Zones, we continue on our mission of making learning fun, and engaging kids in science even when they’re outside of school.”

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