AOL Aims For Devs With AIM Money

    June 10, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

AOL opened its revenue sharing platform for applications constructed with the Open AIM development kit.

AIM version 6.8 arrived alongside details about AIM Money‘s debut. We first discussed AIM Money in March 2008, when AOL revealed the pay per click program.

Though hinted for an April release, the platform opened today to the broader developer community. AOL said there are no fees for developers to participate in AIM Money, which can be included in an Open AIM application by adding a few lines of AIM Money code.

Developers receive payments monthly via PayPal for the revenue brought in through their applications. AOL’s Platform-A handles the advertising side of the business, delivering and assessing ad click activity for AIM Money.

On the AIM client side, the 6.8 version presents new mini applications, available at the bottom of the client interface. These include AOL Games and Notes; AOL Radio, with the addition of 150 CBS radio stations; AIM Call Out; and the option to add or remove applications. The new version of AIM is available for download now.