Anthony Weiner's Sexting Buddy To Release Song, "Weinerizer"

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Sydney Leathers (real name?), the young woman who admitted to a sexting and phone-sex relationship with Anthony Weiner, spoke with Howard Stern this morning about her time with the former congressman and revealed some interesting tidbits about their escapades.

Leathers says she never actually met Weiner face-to-face and was angry when he came out to the public saying he'd changed his ways when the first sex scandal caught up to him. She also says the former congressman was "needy" and got jealous when she wouldn't answer his phone calls right away.

"There were times he’d talk to me multiple times a day. He’s like a needy girlfriend or something. He’s like this clingy person. It actually was a turnoff. That’s why things started to fizzle out. He was clingy with me; he’d get pissy with me over guys complimenting me over Facebook or weird shit like that. It’s like, you’re married, I’m single," she said.

Leathers says that now that her name is everywhere, she may be getting into porn and is planning to release a song called "Weinerizer" (a cheeky take on the Britney song "Womanizer") with Adam Barta, who wrote Tan Mom's song.

Amanda Crum
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