Approved For NASDAQ

    July 19, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The parent company of, GuruNet Corporation, announced it will start trading on NASDAQ in August.

Pending stockholder approval, GuruNet plans to change its corporate name to Answers Corporation, the company disclosed in a press release today. Approved For NASDAQ offers an advertiser-supported search service with several useful features. When a user submits a query, they might receive results from an online encyclopedia like Wikipedia.

Also, results could come from resources like dictionaries, glossaries, and atlases. The company says it has chosen over 100 sources to provide search results.

The company also offers a software product called 1-Click Answers. By installing the Windows software, a user can hold the Alt key while clicking on a word with the mouse. That action submits the word, or a highlighted group of words, to as a query.

That submission returns a web page from the site, with the results the query found. 1-Click Answers has a version for the Mac platform, as well as a Dashboard Widget for OS X users.

“In just seven short months, we’ve put on the map. Unifying our ticker, corporation, and flagship product names strengthens our branding, supports our growth strategy, and helps end-users identify the company behind the product,” said Robert S. Rosenschein, GuruNet’s Chairman and CEO, in a statement.

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