Another Week, Another Zeitgeist

    June 13, 2006

The Google Zeitgeist for the week ending June 5 (yes, it’s slightly out of date) featured a smattering of sports-related items among the usual mishmash. In case you don’t know, the Zeitgeist is a list of the top fifteen “gaining search queries.”

The French Open, one of the world’s major tennis tournaments, ranked number two on the list. In case you’re wondering, Justine Henin-Hardenne and Rafael Nadal won the women’s and men’s trophies, respectively.

One particular player in the French Open also made the list. Maria Sharapova came in at number fourteen on the Zeitgeist compilation. Her ads for Canon cameras played during just about every single break in network coverage of the tournament. Sharapova’s good looks and commercial success have earned her comparisons to Anna Kournikova, but Sharapova, unlike Kournikova, has actually won tournaments.

Another attractive female also placed on the Zeitgeist, with Sarah Silverman ranking eighth. Silverman is best known for her cutting and sardonic brand of humor.

Katie Couric, who has probably offended fewer people in her lifetime than Silverman does in a month, placed several spots ahead of her at number four. As the anchor spent her last few mornings on the Today show, a considerable amount of (friendly) attention was heaped upon her.

Jaleel White also got more notice than usual as a rumor apparently circulated that the actor had died. Fear not – the former Steve Urkel is still alive and well, and is sitting at fifth on the Zeitgeist.

Speaking of life, Anna Nicole Smith confirmed she would bring more of it into the world. The pregnant Smith reached number six on the list.

Right after her (on the Zeitgeist, not in baby announcements) came golfer Michelle Wie. Her presence, along with the Miami Heat (number 13), and NCAA baseball (number 12), rounded out the sports content of this past week’s Zeitgeist.

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