Another Top Result Googlebomb Diffused

    May 14, 2007

…and in it’s place is, well, another Googlebomb.

Stephen Colbert is no longer the top result for ‘Greatest living American‘. the intrepid folks at Google have made the appropriate tweaks to the algorithm and Colbert’s clever plot to manipulate their results has been foiled. Kinda.

Now that Colbert has been zapped, the new number one is Brandon Wirtz . Brandon decided that Colbert was “out to steal my thunder as Greatest Living American. So I’m actively going to try and Foil Him.” Brandon was undaunted by Colbert’s celebrity status and media reach, because as he observed, “I may not have his legions of people, but this is about SEO, and his followers don’t have my friends Google Rank.”

Unfortunately, for those of you who like to root for the underdog, Brandon was unable to unseat Colbert for the number one spot and could only manage second place. That is, until Google ‘fixed’ this particular Googlebomb by zapping Colbert – leaving Brandon the new undisputed Greatest Living American.

Congratulations Brandon. Good job Google. I guess everything’s cool now, right?