Another Firefox Upgrade Enroute

    July 19, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Version 1.0.5 will be replaced by 1.0.6 soon, as the latest release seems to break third-party extensions.

New versions of Firefox and Thunderbird should be arriving soon. The recent release of 1.0.5 has been problematic for some third-party extensions to the products.

Changes to the API were made with that revision. According to the mozillaZine blog, these breakages were not intentional.

“We received feedback on 1.0.5 from distributors and extension developers on API changes that affected them (not a security issue), so we’re looking at a 1.0.6 to fix it,” said Rafael Ebron in a post to Bugzilla.

Firefox has been growing in market share, due to ongoing security concerns about the Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft released a critical security bulletin in July for IE and some of its other products, the latest in a long line of fixes.

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