AnooX Challenges Google and Yahoo To A Competition

    May 25, 2005

AnooX, the revolutionary Search Engine that delivers the most accurate search results due to our innovative mechanism for search generation that 1st machine generates the results and then continuously re-generates them based on the majority Vote of the People – invites Google and Yahoo to a contest to see who actually delivers the more accurate search results.

As a result of this contest, the public should know with certainty, which Search Engine actually delivers the most accurate results. This is extremely valuable information for the Public to know because bad or biased search results can cost the public dearly every minute of every day, it can be a real TAX on the people worldwide.

For further details on how bad or biased search results can cost the Public dearly, how it can be a real TAX on the people, please go here.

We propose to have this competition for a one-month period starting May/30/05. During this time we propose designating 10 subject groups and monitoring up to 100 top searches related to these 10 groups. We propose to conduct this monitoring via a Judging panel composed of three non-biased third parties.

The Judges are to select the 10 groups and monitor the search results over the one-month period. They are then to report on the quality and accuracy of the search results of AnooX, Yahoo, and Google at the end of this period.

We invite Yahoo or Google representatives to respond to this challenge by May/30th at the latest and any 3rd party that wants to officiate this challenge to contact us by email or call (415) 577-5003 to submit their interest and credentials.

Conditions we propose for this contest are very simple, they can be reviewed here.

We believe that this contest will illustrate to the Public that the best search results can only be achieved based on AnooX’s patent pending machine generated & People Voted search generation method. But of course this proposed contest between AnooX, Yahoo and Google will determine whether we are right or not.

Because of the importance of this contest for the welfare of the Public, we invite members of the media who care about the public interest to report on the start, conduct and outcome of this contest.

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