Anonymous: #OpGlobalBlackout Targets Banks, Facebook

Whoever wins, we lose

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Anonymous: #OpGlobalBlackout Targets Banks, Facebook
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Anonymous is back with their grandest threat yet.

This past week, an innocuous YouTube video was posted titled, “Anonymous Message to Congress.” The video was made in response to the shutting down of MegaUpload on Thursday by the federal government. This, as we reported, led to Anonymous’ largest coordinated attack in their history with over 5,000 people taking down over 10 federal and industry Web sites.

What is your opinion about what Anonymous are doing? Share your thoughts here.

The video, which you can watch in its entirety below, is phase one of #OpGlobalBlackout.
They do recognize that MegaUpload contained copyrighted content, but say that the take down was not about copyrighted materials. Anonymous demands that MegaUpload be reinstated within 72 hours.

Anonymous claims that they have gained access to the servers for the United Nations, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, US Bank, Capital One, Chase Bank, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. If their demands are not met, they will take down all of these servers.

For the banks, Anonymous claims that they have the account info of every client at these banks. They want to reassure citizens, however, that they are not going to compromise their information. They only want to make a statement to Congress.

As for Congress, they have a very special message – “To those who support PIPA and SOPA. To those congressmen who want to vote yes on these bills. We are not fucking playing.”

This has essentially turned into a game of chicken between Anonymous and the U.S. Government with the Internet in the crossfire.

Mike Masnick provides an embed of the government’s case against MegaUpload:


He raises a rather interesting point about the government’s case against MegaUpload in that…

The indictment points out that Megaupload did not have a site search, by which users could find material. That’s interesting, but it seems like an odd piece of information in making the case. Other copyright cases have specifically found that having a search engine is part of an inducement claim — so there’s an argument that the idea not to have a search engine wasn’t so much “conspiracy,” as it was an attempt to follow the guidance of the court and to stay legal. To use the lack of a feature, that previously was shown to be a problem, as evidence of a conspiracy is crazy. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Here’s what some people are saying about #OpGlobalBlackout:

#opglobalblackout Why not do it now? 28 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Let the game begin ! #OpGlobalBlackout 47 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

#OpGlobalBlackout I am With you all the way 😀 No Matter what you do Take down Xbl, PSN, FaceBook Whatever. 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

#OpGlobalBlackout #Anonymous Could this be the beginning of what is supposed to happen in December #2012 ?http://t.co/5zgbLv5l 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

#opglobalblackout hope it’s real! 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

If #opglobalblackout is legit, then this is about to get really crazy… Buckle up people! 1 day ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

What do you think of this “Message to Congress”? Let us know in the comments.

Anonymous: #OpGlobalBlackout Targets Banks, Facebook
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  • http://www.misericords.co.uk Dominic

    SOPA is a real worry to me, as I run several websites with forums, which makes me guilty by the very definition of SOPA – even though my sites are very unlikely to have copyright material posted.

    However, @anonymous is even more worrying to me. Politicians will feel that they are being bullied into making the right decision, and as a result are more likely to strike back by supporting SOPA.

    As we all know, SOPA will very likely kill the internet with very little that the individual – or even non-US state can do to avoid this. the potential for backfire from @anonymous is just too great.

  • Cj

    The SOPA protest was done by websites voluntarily taking themselves offline. This is a peaceful way to protest. Taking websites down by force is an act of war. Anonymous please remember the web is about freedom – particularly freedom of information. Do not turn it into a war zone and turn away the very people we are trying to reach out to.

  • http://www.captaincyberzone.com CaptainCyberzone

    I’d prefer to see Anon go after the MSM (Main Stream Media) which distorts and/or censors the true reason for the SOPA/PIPA push rather than the banks,etc.
    It’s newspapers like (Conn.’s) The Hartford Courant that hide the truth from their readers to protect the State’s political elites like John Larson, the U.S. Dem. Caucus Chair, who co-sponsored SOPA and Chris Dodd, the ex U.S. Conn. Senator and now chief executive of MPAA (Motion Picture Asso. of America).
    Don’t blame the banks or Gov. Departments for the sins of some politicians and their cohorts … the MSM.

  • Drape

    Why the banks really? I don’t care about the other sites though.

  • Anonymous :D


  • Kris

    These kids bore me. Little terrorists too scared to actually show their faces.

  • Kris


  • Dr. John

    It’s about time we stand up to the oligarchy in Washington and their continuous pandering to big business at the expense of the American People.

  • Anonymous

    Seems staged man, this is the government, not anonymous. “We are not f*ing playing.” That’s not anon. Anon is sophisticated. This is the government trying to pretend to be anonymous, but really just wanna take down those sites under the guise of anonymous members.

  • http://www.studioartistx.nl Alexander

    I’d rather see Anonymous carry on their promise, then to see PIPA and SOPA be reality.

  • http://www.loveshade.org Alden Loveshade

    I’ve participated in many political and social protests both online and IRL. When I participate, I have a clear agenda and a clear purpose. I try to identify specifically where I think the problem lies and what I believe can be done to work toward fixing it.

    If you don’t like what your representatives are doing, write them, send them emails, call them. If they don’t respond the way you want, vote for someone else. Give financial support to a candidate or cause you like. Even participate in an online blackout or strike like I and many others did against SOPA and PIPA. That worked, and those bills were withdrawn from active consideration.

    But saying, “If the government doesn’t do what we’ll say, we’ll shut down businesses and thereby hurt thousands or millions of innocent people” does not sound like what I believe a protest should be. At least not in a nation that still has a fair amount of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and free elections. That type of protest is appropriate to fighting a totalitarian regime–or in trying to create one.

  • http://www.rainbowriting.com Karen Cole

    I am simply glad they realized that Ghost Writer, Inc. is not a major corporation and that they did not “take down” my website. However, I would simply have put it right back up if they did. They did leave a little dew-dew calling card on the site, who knows why, but at least it was only a hard to see question mark down at the bottom.

    • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

      I hope you have learned from this and changed all site passwords ( each different) to strong alpha numerical upper and lower case ones of at least 10 characters. Check code in all of site for code match to little file you found, in case Trojan left behind as back door for future use. Check backup files aswell.

  • adi

    they may be able to take down some big corporate sites, but they haven’t a clue about mixing a simple backing track and a vocal together. Jees, get someone from down the pub to do it guys.. they’d make a better job.

  • wtf

    I hope they don’t shut down the psn..

  • http://freeyourmindonline.net/Blog/ Matt

    Ladies and Gentlemen.


    If you were mad at the government for shutting down websites, why would you counter it by…. SHUTTING DOWN WEBSITES?! Facebook… Twitter?


    The Government is behind this. It’s called false flag internet terrorism. The 9/11 of Cyberspace. IF… these sites get shut down, it will give the government the excuse that it needs to monitor, censor and control the internet even more… under the threat that there is this “anonymous” boogieman out here who reigns terror on the internet.

    • http://N/A Jonno

      those examples of Facebook and Twitter being shut down by anonymous are what the government will “have to do” if they pass this bill anyway… i take it your not a member of any of the torrent site pages on FB/Twutter? they link to thousands of illegal files, isnt that what this bill is meant to censor out? duh

      aussie dude

  • http://N/A Jonno

    What Anonymous are doing is great!

    i believe they are taking it a little far with banks and peoples information, but taking down government servers and random other big name companys, whether files are deleted or personal records reset, they are showing the government that everyone and everything should remain “open source” the right to take something down at the governments discretion is simply not right, Anonymous are just doing what the government was planning to do… these hackers are just smart enough and have the balls to do it unlike the government haha

    i salute the Anonymous Team, but i would like to see personal data and files of normal people KEPT HIDDEN, or DELETED… maybe start fresh, delete all databases and site files or something. :)

    facebook i’d like to see dissapear completely though


    lil aussie dude

  • http://www.sopa.com SOPAfan

    This is the best news yet for SOPA to get it passed. The US people will be less willing to go against SOPA now. Keep up the good work anon. The Feds couldn’t of done it better.

  • seada

    The vast majority of internet users and those who make a living are using affiliate, cpa, google ads etc and their own products. Many companies get a boost from the websites affiliates build. We have hater who won’t take the time to build a site but get mad at the thought of others making money. This country has become a place with so many rules it is harder now than it was 20 years ago to make money. If you make to much to fast paypal shuts you down. You can’t deposit more than 25,000 a day or your bank will shut you down, Craiglist has so many rules to protect itself from marketers who are simply attempting to make money. I see if this continue we will be going to India to get work. They will be outsourcing to us. I believe the government takes on too large a job to now govern the internet. The government will and does step in where documented over a period of time and with real evidence in hand, physical, testimony etc. is duty bound to arrest, detail and curtail criminal activity. The government will eventually exhaust itself taking on the world, being big brother or sister and sticking it self into every little facet of life. President Reagan had a strong stance on getting bigness out of industry and government. As a result you had ATT and now many other communication providers. That is just one instance. Here we go Y2K again. Did anything happen as a result of Y2K. This group or groups like it just give congress fuel to pass these laws out of reactionary fear.

  • Qwerty

    And nothing happened as expected. Anon. never carries through with its “serious” plans. They chickened out of calling out the Mexican officials with ties to the cartels, and now they wuss out on this. I guess that can’t do more than just DDoS.

  • Concerned For Human Rights

    We need T-shirts! Anonymous on the front, and “we are watching you” on the back!

  • Dox

    I’d like to ask world hackers instead of trying to build an extra terrestrial network to create protocols we can use between us, which cannot be deciphered by other parties than the communicating entities…

    Why try to accomplish a goal, ambitious no doubt, using space, obviously not owned by anyone, allowing anyone with resources to destroy such solutions just as freely?

    This Internet is commercial and monitored by surveillance equipment in the name of protecting “us” from most likely ourselves, no doubt. But if we found a way of communicating between common people, without “others” listening in or reading what we share, use only open source software, making commercial products unwanted, wouldn’t that be something? Imagine if we, people, could invent a language, that no one else would speak, others than initiated by us? Where all would be equal, accountable and responsible equally for this membership? Pipe dreams I know! Maybe we just have to wake up and think out a solution to the basic problem in this world? And I mean money, an expression of power…

  • Nameless

    Fuck everyone who stops you anonymous!

  • Freedom

    Let’s get real here. First, I am an unqualified supporter of the freedom of the Internet and as anti-SOPA / PIPA as anyone on here, however, Anonymous are a bunch of vigilantes. Their demands as to what they think should or shouldn’t be “free”, and their threats against private businesses and our government are the work of self-righteous, self-appointed masters of the universe. As much as I agreed with the VOLUNTARY blackouts 100%, they advocate a form of blackmail that makes them no better than anyone else looking to force others to do their bidding. Yes, we need a check on our out-of-control federal government, but replacing one evil with another isn’t such a hot idea. IMHO.

  • chase

    So what is the follow up story to this?

    What happened?

  • andrej

    anonymous doI’m from the FBI if you destroy twitter, facebook and youtube will arrest you all

  • Sue

    First of all: I’m a liberal and a democrat, and I STILL think these d-bags need dealt with, they’re doing FAR more harm than good. Better off without them, they’re just adding fuel to an already burning fire and they are going to make things worse.

    Srsly, Anonymous? Get lost, you f**ktards. You aren’t making anything better, by pulling this sort of illegal crap…you’re just going to make them crack down with even more restrictive laws because you’re providing them fodder TO crack down upon.

    This is why we need more money put into education. So kiddies with too much time on their hands, don’t pull stupid crap like this. Hopefully they end up in prison, where they belong.


  • //n/a...lol radford

    When I was younger, there was a saying making the rounds : “If you gave a thousand monkeys a thousand typewriters a thousand years , they would write a novel.”
    Look around, folks! We now have the same scenario… we call it the Internet! Millions of keyboards tied together in cyberspace… run by a mass of sheeple who cannot punctuate / spell / present a logical stream of thought…. Didn’t anyone learn anything in school?
    Politicians are corrupt? Yeah, and they’re human, too. Petty, selfish, greedy … what else is new?? “All politicians lie”. Yet we sheeple continue to vote in liar after liar after liar. Will we ever learn?
    And we use too many personal pronouns. Remember them? “I”, “me”, “my”, “mine”… in our conversations. Just listen to the banter at the next gathering of the sheeple. Just listen for a change….
    Don’t forget : “Power corrupts and absolute power ….” Let’s go no further.

    So… everybody is correct and most are “wrong”. What else is new?

  • Question?

    While you’re at it you might want to consider adding a few english banks after this bit of awesome news http://www.blottr.com/breaking-news/criticism-grows-over-rbs-ceo-stephen-hesters-1mn-bonus

  • Sekretrta

    I support them … But we’ll see what will

  • http://www.feztoday.com/ Tanger immobilière

    Really good post. People should read this.

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