Anne Hathaway Makes a Statement with Poop

    December 29, 2013
    Pam Wright
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Anne Hathaway took out her frustration with the paparazzi by leaving a bag of her dog’s poop on the windshield of one photographer’s car.

While out walking her dog Esmerelda on Dec. 26, a photographer started following the duo. Well, the 31-year-old actress just wasn’t having it anymore.

Many a celebrity has had a run-in or two with the intrusive photographers and each seems to handle a bit differently.

So what did the Les Miserables star do to get even?

No, no punches.

Nope, she didn’t break his camera.

After cleaning up after her pooch, she just calmly left the bright yellow bag of her doggie’s doo on the paparazzo’s windshield.

Got to like her creativity!!

Here’s a clip of her talking about her feelings about the paparazzi.

Image via wikimedia



  • Oh Please

    Oh I feel so sorrrrrrry for poor little Anne. Her life is so hard. She has to deal with her picture being taken. Oh the horror. Trust me, if Anne lost all her fame and fortune, she would be begging those people to notice her. I am sure she was when she just started out.

    Clueless, spoiled American woman. There are lots of them. If Anne wasn’t pretty — say she was 300 pounds and a slob — everyone would be calling her classless.

    But her life is so hard. I think I will go out and start a charity organization to help her through her difficult and challenging ordeal.

    • Nanci

      To Oh Please;

      Boy, you are clueless, aren’t you? Get a life.

  • Nanci

    Good for Anne! Unfortunately it won’t deter any photographers from trailing her. They are like a bunch of locusts..really pathetic. I can very well understand her frustration. Even in the simple act of walking her dog, they have to follow, follow, follow. Too bad she just didn’t dump it all out on the windshield.

  • http://Yahoo Simon P. Bedard

    I’m a CANADIAN,but I agree with what you did. The Paparazzi should let famous people be,just let them be! Well I will say what others won’t “NICELY DONE” Just saying I believe in privacy. I don’t think I’d do it,but I would think about it! TAKE CARE and GOD BLESS