Anna Trebunskaya, Dancing With The Stars Pro, Now Pregnant


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Professional Ballroom Dancer Anna Trebunskaya from Chelyabinsk, Russia has always been in the media spotlight, because of her recurring appearances on ABC's Dancing With the Stars; however, on the same day of the Good Morning America announcement of the reality show's season 17 lineup, Anna Trebunskaya announces to the world that she is now pregnant.

Anna Trebunskaya has been a pro dancer on Dancing With the Stars since season 2, and has been off and on for various seasons of the show. Her celebrity partners on the show include: Jerry Rice, Steve Guttenberg, Chuck Liddell, and Drew Lachey.

The news of Trebunskaya's pregnancy broke online when she tweeted that she was excited to share this news with the world.

Along with her tweet, she specified the link to her interview with U.S. Weekly. In her interview with the well-known magazine, Trebunskaya exclaims the following statement:

"It wasn't planned, but when it happened, I thought, 'This is perfect -- I'm ready to be a mom.' This is something really good for me and fulfilling, and it'll give me a whole new meaning in life. I'm really looking forward to it."

Even though the news broke yesterday (Wednesday, September 4th), Trebunskaya is now four months into her pregnancy. She stated that the found out about being pregnant toward the end of season 16. With the news of her pregnancy, she has not publicly stated the identity of the father; however, she does say that he is "very supportive."

[Image source: Twitter: @atrebunskaya]