Anna Kendrick Talks "Into The Woods" Film


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Anna Kendrick may not be everyone's first pick to play a princess in a film, but she said that she really enjoyed playing Cinderella in the new Disney film, Into The Woods.

Of course, Kendrick's version of Cinderella is a little different than what many princess fans are used to, but Kendrick said that she is proud of her character.

She recently opened up about the film and her character to Time and said that she thinks her character will inspire young girls in different ways.

"Into the Woods has existed for years, but if more people being exposed to it through this movie continues that trend of princesses saving themselves and making their own choices, I think that’s fantastic.I remember my best friend and I when we were running around the playground, she and I would dream about saving boys from falling off cliffs — not the other way around. But we would whisper these fantasies to each other, as though we weren’t supposed to be daydreaming about being the savior. We were supposed to be daydreaming about being saved. So I’m glad that it’s being represented in film because I think that that instinct exists in girls, and it’s nice to acknowledge that that’s normal," she said.

Kendrick also said that as a child she watched a different version of Into The Woods, but was not sure about the second half of it.

"I grew up watching the Bernadette Peters version on VHS. Like so many people before me, I thought that the end of the first act was the end of the show because those are the stories that we know. And I was kind of unnerved by the second half. It made me feel uncomfortable. But that’s what makes it so compelling and beautiful. The second half of the show is where people have to face the consequences of their actions." she said.

What do you think of Anna Kendrick as Cinderella?