Anna Faris Shares White Lie She Told Chris Pratt When They Were Dating

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Anna Faris may be a huge star in Hollywood, but she's also a girl just like the rest of us, and she revealed recently that she did something when she was still dating Chris Pratt that a lot of us do.

The actress and Mom star said recently that she assured Pratt when they were in the beginning stages of their relationship that she would love to go hunting with him sometime, as the Jurassic Park star is an avid hunter and has even made a resolution this year to only eat what he kills. However, she says, now that they're actually married, it's a different story.

“When we first started dating, you know, how you do that thing where you pretend that you’re somebody different because you’re crushing hard, so of course I was like, ‘I would love to go hunting with you someday.' And now that we’ve been married for a while I’m like ‘we’re good,'" Faris said.

While it's not that she doesn't approve--she said she would eat whatever he brought home--she just doesn't think it's for her.

“I have a funny feeling he won’t stick to it," she said of his resolution, "but I do love the idea, you know, if you enjoy hunting, which he does. He loves it that you’re responsible and you eat what you harvest, as he calls it.”

These days Anna and Chris are the proud parents of adorable toddler Jack, and spend their free time rooting for the Seahawks. The tricky part is juggling their schedules while trying to maintain a normal family life, but the couple seem to be doing a wonderful job at it.

"We love to go hiking. Chris will carry Jack on this amazing hiker backpack thing that’s pretty awesome. We love to just do normal things, go to the aquarium. Go to the zoo. But mostly we just really cherish our time at home because lately it’s been tricky. Chris has been shooting away in Atlanta and I’ve been shooting in L.A.," Faris told Us Weekly.

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