Anna Chlumsky: From Child To Adult Star


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Anna Chlumsky, the actress known for her childhood roles in My Girl and Uncle Buck, has done the unthinkable. She has adjusted from being a child star to transitioning into an adult acting career. After taking time off for college, Anna has returned to a career in front of the cameras. She currently stars in HBO's Veep where her role as Amy Brookheimer, the chief of staff to Vice President Selina Meyer, proves she can portray a level-headed adult as easily as she portrayed a spunky adolescent.

Anny Chlumsky recently gave a phone interview where she spoke about the process of reading lines and reviewing the script.

"It’s very rare that you’ll find something where you’ll think, “I don’t want to say it.” I always say that our writers know how to use that language very well. There is a difference between just saying bad language and using it. This is just a delight and fun as can be. It spoils you. I have a gauge of what it is to laugh out loud when I’m reading a script, because that is what happens all the time when we read our own show, and that can make it hard for other things to measure up," Anna said.

Anna Chlumsky was also questioned about the direction of the show, and quizzed about what fans can expect to see from her character in the near future.

"We’re just in the middle of the first episode, so we’re still kind of new at it. We left off in the second season with [the president] not running again and Selina ramping up her campaign, even though it’s really early. That’s where we pick up. She’s getting out there more, with the voters and caucus goers and whatnot. In the second season, we see her working a lot in the Beltway; now it’s outside the Beltway. We get to see what everybody’s dynamics are with the public, because that is a different persona they put on. Even the staff, and Amy is part of that, tries to read where we all stand in our public persona," Anna said.

Anna shares her ideas about Veep in the following video.

[Image and Video Via YouTube]