Anna Chapman: Sexy Ex-Spy Launches Fashion Line

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Bombshell and former Russian spy Anna Chapman is now launching a signature line of dresses to be sold in stores around the country.

The clothes, which can be seen on Chapman's website, will go on sale online in February and then in stores.

Her interest in a clothes brand "all began three years and three months ago when Anna returned to Motherland after jail in a prison shirt," said a statement.

"She disliked these alien clothes and Anna went on to search for a Russian dress that would please her soul. She kept looking for it but did not find."

Chapman, born Anna Vasil'yevna Kushchyenko, was returned to Russia after a prisoner swap in 2010 and she became quite the sexy celebrity, attending and appearing in fashion shows.

The daughter of an alleged KGB officer, the budding fashion designer was arrested in New York on accusations of being part of a network of sleeper agents.

On her return to Russia, the red-headed beauty was greeted by Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin who took part in some patriotic singing with him.

Today, Chapman works as an advisor to the president of FundServiceBank and is busy hosting a television show about the supernatural. She has also tried her hand at politics and has been photographed in risque poses for men's magazines.

While her fame isn't what it used to be, she can often be seen at film premieres and other star-studded events.

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