Ann Curry “Begs” NBC To Release Her From Contract

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Rumors are flying that Ann Curry is asking her employers at NBC to release her from her contract in order to be eligible for a job with CNN, amid allegations that NBC breached the contract anyway.

Curry, who was famously let go from her “Today” position opposite Matt Lauer earlier this year, has been offered a high-profile gig with CNN now that her old boss Jeff Zucker is set to take over at the network, and she wants it. The problem is, she’s locked into a non-compete contract with NBC which states she can’t take another job with a news outlet for two years.

“She has formally asked her attorney to explore exit options from the network. However, NBC bosses have indicated they are unwilling to release Ann from the contract,” a “source” told RadarOnline.

Curry feels, however, that NBC breached her contract when they demoted her, and reportedly has her lawyers checking all available options to her.

With Zucker at the helm, CNN could be receiving a programming overhaul soon; the network has suffered serious ratings drops despite the popularity of Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan.

Ann Curry “Begs” NBC To Release Her From Contract
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  • Cleveland Cathy

    I have stopped watching the today show since they demoted Ann as well as Amy (weekends with Lester.) I really don’t care for the new team they created. I don’t believe the new females have the credibility that Ann had. NBC should try to keep some respect in this situation by doing the right thing and letting her go. Why prolong the agony? Just let her go!!!

  • Stickyboul

    Funny how you can follow simple logic as to the REAL reason why Ann Curry was fired from The Today Show. NBC doesn’t want to release Ann Curry from her contract to go to another network for a very SMART, albeit extremely selfish reason given how they humiliated her, THE FEEL SHE MIGHT BE AN ASSET TO ANOTHER (COMPETING) NETWORK. If they stood by their claim that SHE was the cause of a ratings drop then why not let her go “hurt” the ratings of a competitor? How this network can continue to pile dung on this lady by holding her hostage is utterly despicable… only to be outdone by the Today Show primadonna they catered to in getting her fired. I was done after how they treated Conan…. NBC = Nife in Back Channel

    • suzette holmes

      Ann Curry is the epitome of class, intelligence, humanity, and grace. She is a hard worker, excels in any situation. NBC made a huge mistake in cruelly firing her. Matt Lauer could never hold my attention the way Ann Curry can. She far outshines the other ladies on the show, there is no one in her league on TV. What charm, what grace, what beauty and intelligence. If you don’t release her from her contract, it will not behoove your network. You can restore some integrity by doing the right thing and and since you didn’t want her, be happy for her to shine wherever she is. Change your reputation and actions and maybe things will improve for your network.

  • Matt Lauer

    We should start a petition on the whithouse web site to FREE ANN CURRY!! Just 25k signitures requires a response from the White House. Given the Fiscal Cliff debacle, they obviously aren’t doing anything more pressing…FREE ANN CURRY!!!

  • Dana Lombardi

    Anne Curry’s problem is that her real forte’ is hard news and on-the- spot, fly-by-your-pants reporting. She’s really not well suited to the soft feature show biz sensational fluff that unfortunately now comprises so much of the Today show’s content. She is part of a rapidly disappearing breed: the intelligent, experienced, well educated hard news reporter. The Today show is a cash cow for NBC and if appealing to the lowest common denominator produces those killer ratings, then so be it. I haven’t watched the Today show in years due to the magnitude of commercials; it’s more a marathon of advertizing with little slices of the show wedged in – an unwatchable waste of time. Pat Weaver must be spinning in his grave.

  • Brans

    I stopped watching the Today Show when Katie left. It was never the same with Meredith and became worse with Ann. She is an AMAZING reporter and should go back out in the field. That is where she is best, but she is not a good interviewer of fluff. Ann go back out into the fields…go visit our troops on the NBC dime! Tell their stories! Go visit them in the hospitals! Go report on the poor girl who died after being raped. Go behind the scenes. Give us the grit and not the fluff. We miss that from you!

  • gertiel moxey

    NBC just doesn’t appeal to me since Ann left, I now watch Good Morning America.

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