Ann Coulter Feels The Wrath Of Whoopi

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When Ann Coulter clashes with the ladies of “The View”, you know it’s going to be good and juicy television, and they did not disappoint this morning.

Coulter, who was there to promote her new book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama“, went head-to-head with Whoopi Goldberg on the topic of race mongering, with Whoopi telling her she shouldn’t talk about things she wasn’t informed on.

“Tell me how much you know about being black,” Whoopi said.

“This isn’t about being black,” Coulter retorted.

“You just made all these statements about how black people feel.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“This isn’t a book about black people. It’s a book about white liberals.”

Coulter then went on to comment on Joy Behar’s accusation that Republicans are “going against blacks” with voter ID laws:

“This is a perfect example of liberals using the label of civil rights to promote a liberal cause they support, i.e. voter fraud. In fact, one of the first states in the Union to pass voter ID bills was Rhode Island which has an eighty five percent Democratic legislature. And who pushed it, a black Democrat in the House and a black Democrat in the Senate.”

Coulter later stated:

“I don’t think liberals ever cared about black people. Five minutes after the Civil Rights Act of ’64 passed, they start calling everything that has nothing to do with black people a ‘civil rights issue.’”

That comment sent the stage into an uproar and ended with Whoopi calling bullshit on everything Coulter was saying (which got bleeped out). Watch the drama unfold below.

Ann Coulter Feels The Wrath Of Whoopi
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  • Cat

    As usual, Goldberg feels she needs to try and make herself look important.
    You’re a bigot Whoopi, your name is a thing of the past, you’re not famous anymore and its obvious, if you interview black people, you fawn all over them, any other color you try and bully them.. You’re a joke and a slob, move on……………….

  • Cheryl

    Racist is really out more since president Obama got in office. Ann Coulter comes on the view and start this racism mess. These people goingto havetoanswer to God for hating people for the color of there skin. White folks started this mess.

    • Carolyn

      @ CHERYL . . . Yes the white man started this mess, when they snatched those Africans away from their homes, and brought them to this country to be Slaves ! Some of those Africans had been Royalty in there country, and there are decendants of those Royals, who live in Virginia, USA. They have told thier story on the PBS channel or the History Channel ! Yes, those OLD white folk ( who are dead and gone ) will have to answer to God, real soon. Yes indeed ! It is true that racism became rampant, after Obama became president, because many did not like the fact that his father was a REAL african, not the descendant of African Slaves, but a descendant of an AFRICAN, and a WHITE mother ! heehee. Shucks, I thought he would be the perfect person to bring the Americas TOGETHER, but I was sadly mistaken. Anyway, I was very proud to have attended Obama’s Inauguration ( even though I stood by the Licoln Monument ), because for ONE DAY, it appeared that we were ONE, as a nation ! Everybody seemed happy, and there was no disturbances. It is too badthat Obama did not get to enact his HOPE or A CHANGE ! Shame on Congress ! What a bunch of LOSERS !

  • Christina Wilson

    Ann Coulter speaks the truth backed by facts and the ladies couldn’t disprove it. They want to scream the emotional “liberal” views! No facts just emotion.

    Gooo Ann Coulter

    • http://att Karen Kutschenreuter

      What facts? I didn’t hear Ann speak ANY facts! In fact the republicians she was talking about were all a hundred years ago. It was a different party then. Abraham Lincoln was a republican.

    • Carolyn

      @ CHRISTINA WILSON. . . Perhaps I am a bit lame, so please list those facts that Ann Coulter used, because I did not SEE or HEAR them ( I was too busy cussing too ! ).

  • http://att.net john yingling

    GO ANN!!!

    • Carolyn

      @ JON YINGLING . . . ” GO ANN !!! “. Um, just where would Ann Coulter be GOING? Hell, perhaps ? Hahahahaha. I wonder if her book is worth all of the trouble, that she may encounter ! Geesh, what some people wouldn’t do for money. Thank God I am poor, heehee. I began with NOTHING, and I still have most of nothing left ( I read or saw that somewhere ! ).

  • K Patrick

    Ann is simply a C@nt.

  • Paige

    Typical Liberal m.o. they resorted to “yelling” her down. I’m not a huge Coulter fan, but she handled herself with a hell of a lot more class than “Whoopi” did. Resorting to profanity because she didn’t have a more intelligent rebuttal. Also, Whoopi and Sherri both told Coulter to get over “history” , as Sherri put it, “move on from the back of the bus” , then yet they both resorted to history when they attempted their rebuttal….

    • Carolyn

      @ PAIGE . . . What does Ann Coulter really know about black people ? Just because she dated Jimmy ” JJ ” Walker, from that TV show Good Times, does not mean she KNOWS about black people. By the way, there will be ” NO MORE BACK OF THE BUS ” ! Never, ever ! If y’all think the turmoil in Libya is bad, well it will be WORSE in the USA, before we black people allow ourselves to be taken back to the 50′ and 60’s nonsense ! You betcha.

  • Steve

    Wow! Ann SMOKED these women! Made them look really foolish by actually stating facts. And Hasselbeck sat back and watched without saying a SINGLE WORD. I think the liberal crap is finally rubbing off on her. How disappointing she is.

  • John

    Whoopi, PLEASE get your facts straight. We have an uber-liberal, African American, Democrat in the White House. He had all but complete control of the Democratic Congress and Senate for two years. He spent a lot of time forcing halthcare legislation on the American public and did NOTHING to improve the employment status in the African American community. The national unemployment average is an astounding 8.1%, while the unemployment average in the African American community is a staggering 14.1%. But when you really look at these numbers they are even much worse. At least Mr. Romney acknowledged 47% of the population is in need. He has directly and repeatedly asserted his desire to lift people out of that part of the population. Didn’t President Obama delegate Joe Biden to address the Black Caucus? Your liberal candidate couldn’t even take part of an afternoon to personally address what should be his core constituents? You and the entire African American Community should be offended and outraged at this behavior. Mr. Romney was there in person. Face it Whoopi, the liberals are buying your votes with hollow promises and no substantial actions that can be recognized. But you do have democratic VP Biden flaming the fires of racism, “putting you back in chains.” Could you have tolerated those same words coming from Paul Ryan? Whoopi you’re smart, now it’s time to be objective.

    • Carolyn

      @ JOHN, If Mitt Romney wins the election, it won’t just be Black People in chains, it will be the 99% ! It simply means that Black People will be in chains for a ” second ” time ! It would also mean HELL, for those in the 47% bracket. For real. Oh, are you in the 1% group ? Your comment reeks of that 1% smell, hahahaha.

  • Pat

    A for you Ann, Standing up to the Big Mouth knuckleheads on the View….
    DD- for Whoopi, who is so freaking stupid! Still wearing the dreads of the past.
    D- for Joy who had to marry the Donky-from the party
    Z for Barbara for looking like a “Skank”

  • Not a Marxists

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Whoopi is a Moron! I’m surprised she’s not collecting disability for being blind. Joy Behar won’t win any awards for being objective, articulate, or logical. However, she may be on her way to a career as a gastrologist, because her head is so far up her and Barbara Wa-Wa’s butts she can see the stomach.

    • Not a Marxists

      BTW…I’m not really an Ann Coulter fan, but I am definitely not listening to any of those hags on the show who cannot think, except to regurgitate what they hear in their social circles.

  • Ben

    She needs to stick to giving her viewpoints to angry racist ppl. It obviously didn’t fit here.


      Are you aware that when tested liberals score higher consistantly on IQ tests?Are you aware of at least two independent studies showed that viewers of FAUX NEWS were more often than not less than intelligent and less informed as to the truth.

  • Ted Hofstetter

    I don’t watch this trash, but I do know that Goldberg and her lib friends are dumb as a bag of hammers. Anyone who endorses democrat or liberal viewpoints do so for one of three reasons;
    1. They’re ignorant
    2. They’re naive
    3. They truly believe that destroying what has worked for America for over 200 years is a good thing, for whatever reason.
    I do not mean these things in a derogatory manner, but literally. Why do you think the dems embrace amnesty, no voter ID, support unions? Because they care? Absolutely, about increasing their voting constituency. Coulter is pushing a new book, so she makes the rounds. Big deal. She is one person from the last bastion of truth in the media, that one of you called a “bimbo”. I’d put her up against any one of the biased, tunnel visioned liberals on MSLSD, or any other liberal station. How about Rachel Madcow? What a handsome boy, er, woman, er,????

    • Conservatives Are Idiots

      It’s funny that you would go there, Ted, considering it was your ideology that took our economy over a cliff..

      The funny part is that you can’t even articulate how liberals have been bad… Go ahead try… this should be good for a laugh.

    • HB

      You kind of blew what seemed a well thought out argument by calling Rachel Maddow a man. Why would you resort to insulting the appearance of the opposition? Insult her opinions if you need to but don’t reduce it to what a threatened a11 year old would say.

  • Judy Heath

    Ann Coulter was awesome. Those ladies of the veiw… not so much!

    • TDC

      If that’s your definition of ‘awesome’ I sure as hell would hate to see what you think is despicable.

      • Dontb lameme

        Despicable is the other 5 women on the view. Nasty ones. Hope that show dies soon.

      • Norman56

        What I think is despicable is how Libs form opinions out of ignorance.


    Ann Coulter makes opinion and then claims they are fact. She is so far off track it is unbelievable. I am surprised she is still on the air and allowed to speak lies . It is one thing if it is entertainment but Coulter makes her money by being a sensational twit.

    • http://None ed weaver

      Name one fact that is erroneous. Whoopi was so insulted and incensed by the phrase “white Guilt” but she has no idea that ‘White Guilt’ is a 7 million-selling book, written by a BLACK man. Most — most, not all, of you liberals, white and black, have one thing in common — ignorance of the facts and the issues.

  • Dontb lameme

    What a bunch of s##theads. They remind of witches at black masses.

  • Mo

    For those that can’t see the clip – Ann Coulter starts off saying American blacks can’t get convicted in the US because of white guilt. (Jail statistics would seem to disagree.) After that first statement they ALL started talking at the same time and none of them made any sense. Not a great debate on either side.

  • Pat Scriveri

    What ignorant comments are being made here! Ann Coulter is one of the repugs primo fear mongerers. She is truly despicable, but no doubt smart and very clever, which makes her type even more dangerous! Now Rachel, there’s one intelligent and fair, oh, and dare I say, factual woman!

    • RB

      Your talking about her,she’s suceeded,despite your immature comments.

  • EEMP

    Ann is too intellectual for those idiots! If they tried to read her book, they wouldn’t understand a word of it, because of their stupidity. Ann must of felt like she was in a room with a bunch of kindergarteners.

    • TDC

      She’s probably one of the most hated women in America, but if you consider that ‘smart’…she’s nothing more than a whore who sells hate. You should be embarrassed to publicly state that you think she’s ‘smart’.

      • Turtle

        Pelosi has the most hated woman in America sewn up.

      • Norman56

        How is what she writes “hate”? Is it because you HATE the truth? If you are going to call it hate, you ought to at least read it. Otherwise you’re just aping the words of your foolish leadership.

  • Christy

    Okay – so Ann Coulter is a lot of things but dumb is not one of them. She has a new book and she causes controversy which draws attention to the new book. This is exactly what she was striving for – she loves the shock factor.

    • Doug

      No, mostly she loves the money and if people are stupid enough to buy the book, then so be it.

      • Norman56

        If you had ever read one of her books, you would know how ignorant you sound. Ann Coulter has researched and laid out good, rational & reasonable arguments for all her books assertions. That all you all can do is screech nastiness tells any one all one needs to know about Liberals view of facts and public policy. If the facts don’t support what you want, and someone has the audacity to to point that out, don’t argue your point, just get low-down mean and ugly.

    • Turtle

      And obviously The View enjoys the shock factor their vitriol causes as they keep having Ann Coulter on their show over and over.

  • http://facebook Anita Phillips

    I would have burned her book right in front of her/him.

  • TDC

    Whoring your soul to sell a book. I saw it this morning and figured she would be murdered in the streets before the sun sets today. There’s still a few hours of daylight left…She is absolutely horrid.

    • Barron

      That is pretty disgusting. You need a shrink to have such perverted anger at someone that disagrees with you. It is America you imbecile

  • http://none joan

    the view is the most puzzeling show i have ever seen by the time its
    over i have no idea what they talked about all they do is try to screem over each other and nobody makes any sense and none of them know what there talking about especially that elizabeth.whoopi should have her own talk show she makes the show

  • Rich

    If anyone ever deserved to be raped,tortured,beaten and murdered its Ann Coulter

    • lucy wolphat

      You are nothing but,GARBAGE..maybe your wishes will fall to your mother, if you ever had one.

      • Barron

        I could not agree more with lucy. How dare Rich say such a vicious disgusting comment about a knowledgeable lady like Coulter?

    • ARH

      No, I will not be buying her book. But the fact that, somehow, you can rationalize that comment by injecting “if anybody deserves” frightens me. NOBODY deserves that type of treatment, even your political enemies. Civility is sorely lacking in our public conversations. Take your hate and violence talk elsewhere Rich.

    • http://yahoo jon van houten

      rich,,,, you are vile human garbage….i bet you haven’t a thread of honor.

    • Norman56

      Wow. You libs are so peaceable and tolerant. It is amazing. Coulter simply exposes the racial bias of the democrats agenda, and yet instead of attempting to refute the assertions she has with what YOU claim are facts, you attack and denigrate the author. What’s the matter, have no real facts to back up your assertions?

  • lucy wolphat

    Ann Coulter is an extremely intelligent political analyst..you may not agree with her, but, she is brilliant and she knows her history.I find that the people on the View are boring foolish entertainers who are all loud mouth rude liberals and nothing more. Ann Coulter will have another number one hit…and Whoopi has nothing more than The View and only because she’s black and because she’s using Obama being partially black to keep her job…remember this show was in the toilet right before he started running for office in 2008..whatever will they do, those liberal old ladies on the view…when Obama is gone?

    • Doug

      Lucy Wolphat, that is among the most absurd, self centered blogs that I have every read, and I’ve read a lot of bad ones. You are an embarassment to America.

      • Baron Marbot

        I have to agree, Lucy is an idiot.

        • Mitchy

          I completely agree with you. She puts women to shame with her ignorance and inability to be human. As a veteran(disabled), I would like to see how though she would be on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. I would also like to know what exact world she is living in….

  • http://TheView Lou Vandevort

    The ladies on the View are not up on the issue Ann is writing about. It ,THE BOOK is about White liberals using the Black population to forward their cause by yelling raceisum at every chance. It’s like yelling fire in a theater. If they would just read her book, it’s nothing bad about the Blacks It’s about Blacks being used for a cause.LIBERLISUM Wise up ladies.

  • Ariel

    Funny how you go on a show called ‘The View’, but you had better not share yours if it doesn’t line up with the hosts’.

    • Barron

      Well said and you can bet they enjoyed attacking her. She stood strong and composed anyway

      • eli

        an every time whoopie gets flustered she pulls the race card,joy proved she’s a bias beatch, sherrie is a sweet retard and wawa tried to save face…liz was quiet and smart

  • http://Twtter Marcia Fillmore

    Ann Coulter shouldn’t be writing anything about any people of color. Obviously she doesn’t know what a person of color endures every day because she is white and probably has never experienced any type of discrimination. Civil rights is a “people” issue, it is not just for blacks. Blacks brought civil rights to the forefront. WHAT A STUPID BITCH!!!

    • http://yahoo.com Al

      Marcia, Marcia, Marcia — Where do you get off even allowing yourself to think that all of us miserable “whities” live in the land of milk and honey where no-one suffers, does without or ever gets ruined financially as a result of unmanageable medical expenses that for other groups of Americans would have been written off as non-collectable. Trust me, I am anything but a bigot. But there is indeed a bigger picture to take into consideration.

    • Paul

      and just what is u endure everyday Marcia that everyone else does not ? I pay for the sorry souls that will not work whether they be black or white…..I do not get money from the IRS for being black if I do not make enough money during the year……That comes from my check as well…….so what kinda problem u got that can be more severe than the rest of us ?

    • bhad

      When blacks stop commenting on whites then you can make that demand. Whoopi only seems to have some intelligence when she is with people that are of like mind and do not challenge her at all. Ann Coulter spoke intelligently and made fantastic points. Black people do not endure anthing more thany any other group of people except for what they do to themselves.

  • http://Twtter Marcia Fillmore

    racist bitch

    • JD

      Because she states facts she is a “racist”? LOL!! You are such a simple minded uninformed person. GO AWAY!!! This discussion is for big kids!

  • bill

    If the women of the View weren’t so brainwashed they would understand what’s up, but they are like Parana’s looking at a piece of meat, I think Woopie had a boner and what the hell kind of name is Woopie any way didn’t she use to be a comedian , you know what’s funny, her unibrow , I think the View sucks anyway they are old scanky has-beens and don’t have anything else to do than sit around on their fat asses and bitch. especially that Redhead sea scank she should go over to Iran and bitch they would love her…………!

    • Marilyn

      yes haha !!! wouldn’t the muslim men just love those view ”women”
      and that old one, she still lives off the laurels of her intelligent past, but when she opens her mouth lately you can see she has wandered off the path. RETIRE LADY.

  • Al

    Freedom of speech means just that, fundamentally it has nothing to apologize for nor should it be bound to follow the beliefs of the expert panel “du jour”. Question everything including yourself, otherwise you’ll never know if your belief system still has any legs to stand on.

  • Rob

    Whoopi got sliced and diced and really never completed a thought. When she realized it, she got mad and went into her ghetto black sista mode. The ladies on the view better stick with less heady types. It was pretty obvious Whoopi is a few levels below Ann on the evolutionary ladder.

    • Marilyn

      Rob you got that right, whoopie is like an animal

    • Katie D

      Whoopi, sometimes it better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.

      • Sherry Asuncion


    • Shar

      I don’t think we were watching the same show- Whoopie certainly held her own. I would prefer listening to Whoopie than Ann any day – and I am white!

  • Marilyn

    Ann is worlds above whoopie

    • Barney

      This blonde bimbo is nothing but a self serving tnuc with no facts to support her theories. She writes these/her absurd thoughts in hopes of stupid people buying her book so she makes more money from nitwits like the “Log Cabin Republicans” and they will! This woman should be treated no better than a baby treats a diaper!!!

      Anyone who would pay for and read her books and consider anything she says truthful should considered dangerously delusional and potentially harmful to themselves and others!

    • http://yahoo Sherri Brown

      Ann is only above Whoopi because that’s what most caucasians believe: white people are not better or smarter they are just sneakier.

  • james cockerell

    Whoopie is a great Actress but can at times say stupid things…Ann Coulter is a highly intelligent woman and is a good writer..
    Whoopie is smart but has a bad habit of showing her ignorance from time to time

  • scene 1

    The stupidest part is even giving Coulter airtime in the first place.

    • Paul

      why ? did she talk over your head…..

      • scene 1

        No. She’s an opportunist who keeps regurgitating the same bullshit over & over & over.

        • Janice


  • Paul

    Whoopi and all liberal blacks will not listen…whoopi kept going back 100 to 200 years ago, but she and the other black lay kept saying well come to the future not back then…see they want the cake and it it too…….whoopi is just an ignorant black woman that people think is funny, but just racist…..joy and barbara could care less about whoopi or any other black if they were honest…..liberals are good at fooling the conservatives but even better at fooling other liberals ( BLACKS)…….they ask a question on the show and then will not lwt anyone finish an answer…they bombard they person so they look like they cannot finnish a sentence….therefore they think they shamed or disproved the conservative they invited…did they interupt Hussein Obama the other day….of course not …

  • Magoo

    Do Black people know that Rev. King was a republican?
    I only watch the view while I am waiting for a commercial to end on the station I am watching. What little I’ve seen is, they invite somone on to their show and then are rude and attack them. Why invite them on their show if they don’t like the person.

  • Janice

    Ann plays to the republican conservatives saying what they want to hear, it’s her gimmick. She is very successful and makes lots of money by saying the most outlandish prejudice things. It’s really sort of sad to see a woman stoop to such a low. Anything for the all mighty dollar, even if it steals your soul should be her motto.

    • Braxston

      And the women of the view arent doing the same thing……

  • Bill Barnard

    Yep, another blue eyed ditsy consevative blond. She must be a reject from Fox News. They all seem to be blue eyed & blond…

    • Aury

      Are you jelous?

  • Sherry Asuncion

    Memo to Ms. Walters: You have worked many years to establish a reputation as a journalist. How can you associate yourself with something as crude as Goldberg. You should have let her and Behor go after O’Reilly walk-off.

    • http://yahoo Sherri Brown

      Goldberg is not crude she just tells it like it is for blacks in America. It seems from your statement that blacks should be seen and not heard. I applaud Whoopi for speaking up and defending our people against the racist rhetoric that some guests spew like O’Reilly. He’s an idiot.

      • Aury

        The only racist here is Whoopi. She is an angry person just like Behar. I don’t whatch this show because is just garbage. She was hugging and kissing Obama 2 days ago and today she shows who she really is a hypocrite. It is ok to disagree with your guest but the argument went to far. This is not the first time she behave inappropriately. I gave two thumbs up to Ann for being a lady!!!

    • Lon

      As a white man, I am glad to tell you that you are a moron.

    • Sarah Talks

      Give it a break. You whites loved Whoppi through all the years blacks hated her because they felt she was a sell-out. Now suddenly when you realize that she doesn’t believe that everything about whites is better you want her gone. No such luck. Blacks had to deal with her annoying them for years because you whites loved her, so now you have to deal with her just the same. Tough luck.

  • http://yahoo ray ray

    dont everyone relize that all people of color has always blame the white man for thier problems just a thought for all yall look at the country where you was took from. would you really still be there in all honesty you should thank us

    • Sarah Talks

      Ray Ray, why are you so illiterate? You write like a diseased mentally challenged inbred turd, that you are.

  • satch


    jim of you racist fools forget about jim crow which most of your parents and grandparents condoned

  • http://Google Judy Maddocks

    What the hell is Ann doing on a show with these unhappy bitches that wouldn’t have anything to say at all of substance if they had the answers in front of them
    I’m so sick of some blacks saying what W G said to Ann do you know what it feels like to be black! Ahh no! Do you know what it feels like to be white and accused of hating OBOMA because we don’t like what he’s doing to the country well how in hell did he get elected if the whites didn’t vote for him?! And Im a woman and I’m white and don’t like OBOMA so before some of you get upset I don’t like his white side or his black side! No one ever hears whites say that the blacks that don’t like OBOMA is because he’s white! Grow up you feel good bunch of no nothings

  • Brenda Reed

    There is nothing wrong with Ann Coulter speaking and writing what she believes is true and factural. But what bothers me more is the inability for Black Celebrites to intelligently opose a different point of view without cursing, why would Whopie make a statement about Ann’s book by saying it was bullshit. Certaintly she could communicate on a higher level than that, the truth is she has not read any of Ann’s books, so she just keep quite. Secondly, Sherry did not have to bring up the voting issue, in regards to voting IDS, I think everyone in America should have legitmate ID’s. Samuel L Jackson is another ass hole, why in the world would make a commericial telling Americans to get the fuck out and vote. People there is a Black man in the White House, how do you think he feels when blacks are taking the low road to get out the vote.

  • jdookram

    coulter is an idiot, anthing she says does not matter anyway, only idiots listen to her

    • Sarah Talks

      Do you remember when she said the widows of 9/11 were basically pimping their misfortune for personal gain? Coulter likes controversy and ruffling feathers. She cares not how people will feel about her. She is right about the liberals not caring about blacks though. Everyone knows democrats are just as racist as republicans.

  • Rich

    The women of the View are a wonderful cross-section of the coarse, crude ignorance of the mass of so-called ‘liberals.’ One cannot talk to them reasonably because they are happily ignorant and cannot even debate logically. This is not a case of ‘smart people’ vs. dumb people. It is a case of when the truth makes a liberal uncomfortable and exposes their ignorance they get crude and violent in their speech. Coulter has researched her material which is verifiable and
    provable. It is enlightened opinion, informed judgement, not the stupid nonsense of disagreement means one should be punished with gross insults. One could suggest that Ms. Goldberg proves her dopeyness by implying: One has to be black to write about black subjects and history. Does that mean our writers and scholars in modern USA have to be ancient Roman, Babylonian, Communist, or Esquimo to research or write about those subjects? I’m afraid that Ms. Coulter’s remarks in the book prove the point that one can hoodwink the people with a lot of rubbish and those hoodwinked have not the slightest inkling of what has happened or will happen. They are ignorant and smug about it. Carefully researched knowledge is a lot of hooey because they can’t understand much more than the comfort of blatant ignorance. Is it possible that USA is doomed to drown in the ignorance that politicians encourage and cultivate. Heaven help an America where free expression based on careful research and provocative writing style will be shouted down by rank stupidity and the vacuous mobs will cheer it on!

  • judy ward

    I grew up in the 60s in middle America. I did not see riots but there was segregation in my town. I do remember seeing the television reports of rioting in the South. I have read the account of lynching in my state capital in 1909. I remember Dr. King saying that civil rights movement was all those whose rights were being denied. Ms.Thing wasn’t there. She’s going on whatever data, reports or whatever she can find. The black people of our country today were either directly involved in the civil rights movement or they had family who were. She needs to do one thing:shut her mouth and listen.

    • marlin


  • Thor

    So, when Ann Coulter says what she believes – which plays to her core peer group – she’s only doing it to rouse the rabble and make a buck. When former A-list celebrity Whoopie Goldberg says what she believes – which plays to HER core peer group – she’s “telling it like it is.” Knowledgeable people can still come down on opposite sides of an issue, but I will put Ann Coulter’s depth of knowledge on the topics she writes about against Whoopie Goldberg’s any day of the week.

    • Jackie Miller

      Ann Coulter researches and writes the truth. It’s too bad the far left television emotionalists can’t take the truth. It’s okay for Woopie to exercise her 1st amendment rights, so why not Ann? There is far too much subjectivity running this country — inside and out of politics. I’m so glad Ann was on the View and that there is a voice willing to tell it like it is.

  • Vi

    It wasn’t the “Wrath of Whoopi” but more like the “Sheer Ignorance of Whoopi” spoken here.The women on the “View” were disgustingly inept & uneducated on topics presented, while Ms.Coulter continues to share her intelligence based upon indepth research. I am chagrined that she would waste her time amongst clucking hens who possess no manners nor decorum. Anne has so much to offer in the way of knowledgable information while Whoopi & her cohorts babble foolish rhetoric -just to fill the air & attempt to speak over “their guest”.

  • AndrewSlater

    Rules of Racism:
    1. Anyone responsible for three hundred years of slavery would have to be a lot older than you and me…….
    3. Racism could be eliminated in the United States if we could just eliminate the white liberals who so plainly depend on it so much and do so much to keep it going…….
    6. Nobody really thinks whites are as evil as portrayed by white liberals and black demagogues. If they really thought so, they’d be too afraid to ever leave the house, since a) there are a lot more whites, b) those whites are much better armed, c) they’re more likely to be veterans of the Army’s and Marine Corps’ ground gaining combat arms, and d) they have an historically demonstrated cultural aptitude for mass, organized violence.
    7. People who insist you’re speaking in code insist on it because they believe it’s true. They believe it’s true because they really do speak in code and can’t imagine anyone who does not speak in code. It’s not racist to think those people are idiots, nor to note that they’re mostly white. (Exception to rule: When conservatives talk about guns and zombies? Especially in terms of using the former to kill the latter? Yeah; “zombie” is code for “liberals of any color.” See Rule 6, above.)

  • Natalia

    Whoopie doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Couldn’t be a better equipped woman to Give Ann The Hell she so richly deserves. It’s not that Ms. Coulter is not smart, she is, but she is one very mean individual, with a very toxic mouth and a more toxic attitude. Not one morsel of kindness dwells within this woman. You’re a big baby, Ann, and you invented the word BULLY.

    • Keepsitreal

      The Democrats that started the kkk were the ones that did not want to end slavery.

      • Pookalator

        That’s cuz she are one!

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