Ann Coulter: Dedicated Political Troll Rides Again

By: Toni Matthews-El - May 22, 2014

I have to admire Ann Coulter’s hustle.

Whenever situations arise that do not require her opinion, she’s right there to give it anyway.

After all, how else is she going to stay relevant enough to hawk her books?

In Coulter’s latest bid for relevancy, she stepped up to defend the bizarre tweet by Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak about the subject of global warming.

The ultra-conservative Sajak is not a fan of the scientific community’s bid to convince the global population that global warming is real.

He and a number of like-minded conservatives continue to resent the attempts to prove that it’s something that Americans need to be more concerned and better educated about.

So the game show host spoke out:

Coulter claimed that Sajak was attempting to use humor in order to demonstrate how liberals attack conservatives with a difference of opinion.

Said Coulter, ““We all have to believe in global warming, we all have to believe in immigration…[W]e have to believe that Trayvon Martin was killed by a brutal racist, and if you don’t you get called all of these crazy names that Sajak is referring to.”

The problem is that there’s nothing in Sajak’s comment referring to immigrants or Trayvon Martin.

Could it be that dedicated political troll Ann Coulter brought those subjects up to get a rise out of people and draw more attention herself?

It wouldn’t be the first time she used a serious subject to accomplish just that.

In this case, despite claiming Sajak was using humor, Coulter doesn’t believe he was joking (Sajak is already back-peddling).

”I’m sure he doesn’t believe in global warming,” said Coulter. To no one’s surprise she added that she didn’t either.

I don’t think any sensible person equates global warming deniers with Holocaust deniers, as Coulter claims.

Instead, persons who are concerned about the Earth and pollution would rather focus on preventive and responsible methods. Not everyone is interested in trolling for the sake of personal gain.

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Toni Matthews-El

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  • raybbr

    “Instead, persons who are concerned about the Earth and pollution would rather focus on preventive and responsible methods.”

    Good grief! Why don’t you believers attack the countries that are actually polluting?

    Then there’s “preventive and responsible methods”. Whut!? Please tell us how to prevent weather? I’d really like to know.

    The earth’s climate has been “changing” for millenia. But, the believers in Goreology would have us believe only now, due to American prosperity, the earth is doomed. I wish these people could see themselves as rational thinking people see them: A group of misguided and lost souls who believe what the Goreologists tell them instead of thinking for themselves.

    • JB


  • Eric

    raybbr, Good post. These people only have an agenda to follow, and it isn’t about weather, or climate, or whatever they call it today as the name changes each time they are proven wrong. Years ago we were going to freeze. That didn’t work out so we were going to toast ourselves. Well, I read a lot of the idiot articles and we should have died out about 12 years ago……OOPS, guess not. This is really about control, not weather. Everyone agrees we should use the earth responsibly, but what does that have to do with passing a carbon tax? Or regulating us to death so we can’t drive what we want, heat or cool our homes as we want or have the energy sources we want (and need, like oil, gas, coal). They want to control us back to the stone age.
    Well, if they are really so concerned about weather, then they should be true to their convictions and only use things like wind and solar for their sources of home power, and only drive electric cars (which require actual electricity however) or ride a bike or walk. They should also tell that to Al Gore, who will not stay out of that airplane or big beach house. By the way, why did he buy that expensive beach home if the oceans are going to rise, as he preaches? What hypocrites.

  • croixscout

    I think that the “agenda” is whether you believe in science or not.

    • Uncle Dave

      Science? Or the Religion of Global Warming? Al Gore and other fanatical preachers of this faith become rabid if a person even questions their “god”.

      I’m just not sure who their “god” is; Would that be the global warming sun or an atmosphiric gas that has been in existence since the Earth was formed. Whatever it is, it must be worshipped or it will cover earth with its death and destruction… PLEASE… and you say their is a “science” to Global Warming?

      This is as bad as the medical researchers that first tell us coffee is bad… no coffee for you! And a few years later, OH! Coffee has anti-oxidants… it might be good!!

      The 1974 cover of Time Magazine (a favorite of the Progressives) Warned of the coming Ice Age… then it became “Global Warming”… Now it’s simply “Climate Change”… if they ever figure it out, let me know. But I have a feeling we will all be long dead and our children’s children will be sailing in outer space by then.

      • croixscout

        I don’t think you have looked at the science….

        • Uncle Dave

          Again… who’s “science”??

          Please read: How to Lie with Statistics, by Darrell Huff (c) 1954. Read how science can be spun how ever the scientist would like, in this case Al Gore and cronies. And this is not even taking in to account the fraudulent e-mails discovered a few years ago.
          Admittedly, not all of the scientists are fraudulent. Many are well-meaning and altruistic, but have fallen in to the hypnotism of “the cause”.
          Seriously, the planet has been here around 4.5 Billion years and has survived meteors, ice ages, earth quakes, volcanos on massive scales… but us humans, in the last 100 years, are going to “kill the planet”… No, I don’t think so. Earth could shrug us off it’s back like the dinosaurs if it wanted to.

          • croixscout

            I still don’t think that “you” are looking at the science. You keep arguing against the process or the cause. I don’t hear a rational discussion of the facts…

          • croixscout

            Anything connected to Ann Coulter is irrational. What a self serving poser she is…

          • Uncle Dave

            That’s my point, dear boy. How can there be a “discussion of the facts” when the facts are in question. Just as with religion, are you going to have a “discussion of the facts” with a “true believer”, such as a radical, fanatical Muslim who is killing for his faith?
            Global Warming, the coming ice age or the latest euphemism “man-made global climate change” ARE religions interpreting of so called “facts”, for their own agenda.
            You may as well say that the sun rises in the East because G-d wills it, things fall to the ground because of heavenly providence.
            The global warming “facts” have been disputed for decades, since before the 1974 Time cover, the true believers and the faithful dismiss any argument as blasphemy of the so called “science of global warming”… there is no discussing or arguing with a wall.

          • croixscout

            Still don’t think you get it… “dear boy?”–I am 60 with four college degrees, and I still think you are failing to look at the data…Isn’t the data there?

  • ebayjim

    Some time ago, former Czech president Vaclav Klaus said, ““It becomes evident that while discussing climate we are not witnessing a clash of views about the environment, but a clash of views about human freedom.”

    “As someone who lived under communism for most of my life I feel obliged to say that the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity at the beginning of the 21st century is not communism or its various softer variants,” said Klaus, responding to questions posed by the two lawmakers. “Communism was replaced by the threat of ambitious environmentalism.” Listen and learn.

  • Gerry Corbino

    Nice objective journalism.

    • Uncle Dave

      You mean words like “Troll”…? Ya, it’s those “evil, mean” Republicans bashing the “tolerant” Liberals again…

  • Ken

    Some day, if you work really hard, you may become half the writer Ann Coulter is.

    • Benjamin Ghazi

      He was a better writer in college. After that whole “surgery” thing and the “change” it’s writing just became basically Da Drugster Lite!

      • Ken

        I haven’t replied to you until now because I was unsure if you were referring to Ann Coulter or Toni Matthews-El. Now that I see, from your other posts on this article, that your are referring to Ms. Coulter, I suggest that you learn to read, write and get over your unhealthy obsession with trans-sexuals,

  • Yank L.

    Wikipedia says Ann (arf-arf) Coaltar is 51. I demand to see her birth certificate.

    • Benjamin Ghazi

      51 and can’t GIVE IT AWAY, now ya understand why it is so frustrated and vile?

    • Ken

      Why? She’s not the President. There are no constitutional requirements for rabble-rousing journalists.

  • James Caverly

    With her caveman face, Ann Coulter’s sunken eyes and neanderthal features make her an expert. She should know all about the Ice age. she obviously survived, and I bet she can still find the rock, she crawled out from under.

  • Theo Stall

    Typically SNARKY leftie article. Ann shouldn’t comment but this putz ( yeah I saw the spelling, she’s still a putz) can snark on Ann for commenting on the PC police gone wild.
    Typical left wing hypocrisy.

  • tom

    The author of this hit piece Toni Matthews-El is an obvious flat earth type that believe everything our disgusting govt tells her to believe. She is a racist monster, who pushes the ugly govt agenda to tax us more because of a fake climate disaster, which only dopey fools believe in.
    f her

  • Shane Schirmer

    I’m a Republican, but I have to admit, I am at least concerned about global warming. I don’t want to get into a huge dissertation of scientific facts, but my view has been molded by a fairly simple notion. If we go along with the GOP on this one, and don’t concern ourselves with the environment, and 50 years from now, we find out they were wrong, we destroy the planet. If we go along with environmentalist, and try to conserve the planet, and 50 years from now, we find out they were wrong, the worst thing that happened is we just recycled too many bottles. Seems like a no-brainer of a choice to me.

    • jimmie58

      You won’t have to worry dear as it won’t be “we and us” responsible for your predicted damge, it will be them, China, India, Pakistan, Russia. We will finish destroying our economy while the rest trundle along as usual. A real economic bonus for them resulting from unproven theory. Meanwhile, in case you hadn’t noticed, there is a predicted asteroid collision somewhere about mid century that IF it occurs, much like “Global Warming.” will bring about the much publicized and oft maligned “End Times.” Take your pick or worry about both if you’d like, your choice. Neither preventable!

    • JimfromCTown

      50 years from now you will probably be dead for sure 100 years from now you’ll be dead . I would worry about something more important than a potential 2 deg. Cel. increase in global temperatures in the next two centuries.
      You might try to concern yourself with the crushing national debt and the all but certain loss of the Dollar as the Reserve Currency.


    I always thought HeShe was a tranny

    • Benjamin Ghazi

      It was born Andrew Coultrell in New Canaan, Ct. and then “jesus told me to change” took over and it chopped it’s wang off!

      • sabastian442

        Bennie ,What did you do with it after the removal. ? Put it in your special place?

  • republicansaredbags

    What do all you climate change deniers have to gain by saying it’s not real? Oh, I get it. This is Murica. You are free to do whatever you want because you’re a Murican. Good for you. Throw your garbage in the street. Drive a Hummer. It is so wrong to recycle and drive a car with good gas mileage. That’s what the tree huggers do. You’re Muricans, you don’t care about the environment because you don’t have to. Science? That’s never proven anything. Only the God hating, gay loving liberals believe in science.

  • peter

    I’m no Ann Coulter fan, but the “troll” has a markedly more successful career than the author…of whom no one has ever heard outside her tolerant liberal circles. Nice try….

  • Benjamin Ghazi

    I still find it hard to believe that there is not one totally bored sniper out there who’d like to make the cover of TIME! Puzzling, maybe those big bullets are more expensive than I thought.

    • jimmie58

      Your a fuckin idiot, how could anyone ever take you or your comments seriously. Luckily for you your comrades wont allow you to play with guns because they are afraid a “Major Supporter” such as yourself would likely blow your own head off by accident or quite possibly one of theirs. Sleep well knowing firearms are no no’s for people that promote veiled threats to public figures over the internet moron. LMFAO

  • sabastian442

    I can see why liberals are concerned with global warming. Wearing all that flannel and doc martins got to be hot

  • croixscout

    I believe science over FoX and Rash Dimbulb! Who wouldn’t?


    Want a super-funny take on the Ann Coulter?
    Check out The Life Plan book by Holden Voltaire.
    That book says it all. Really funny.