Anjelica Huston Releases Memoir


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Anjelica Huston recently released her memoir, “A Story Lately Told” and it is already a hit. According to USA Today, the memoir will be a two-volume biography that will detail Huston's career as a model and an actress as well as her childhood and family life.

Huston became an actress as a young adult and started in several films that were directed by her father. This often caused a strain in their relationship, and Huston says that she often felt like she was disappointing her father with her acting abilities.

It seemed to me that he didn't want me to be who I was," she said. “And that was very difficult.... I felt at that time that he didn't like me, he didn't like who I was, he didn't like the way I dressed, the way I looked. He was very critical of all of that.”

Huston went on to say that has time went on, she realized her father was equally as hard on other actors in his films and felt less-bothered by his criticism towards her. Huston has starred in “Prizzi's Honor,”“The Postman Always Rings Twice,” and the “Addams Family.”

Huston said that although the first volume really dives into the struggles between her and her father, her second book will talk more about her relationship with actor Jack Nicholson. She did not say when the second book will be released.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.