Anime Sex Popular At Wikipedia

    May 31, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Perhaps all the time that little Johnny has spent watching Ranma 1/2 has sparked his dual interests in certain Wikipedia topics.

We aren’t real surprised to see Compete discover that research topics were frequently queried on Wikipedia in April 2007. Easy access to research has long been the online encyclopedia’s strong point.

Once Adam Torres and his fellow Competitors made their way through the data, they were surprised at what they found:

We categorized the top 100 Wikipedia terms for April into six general categories to figure out what the major search themes are on Wikipedia. As you would expect the greatest number of searches (28%) are within the research category. This includes terms like “Columbine High School massacre” and “American Civil War.” The two surprising categories are Anime and Sex

While Compete found 28 percent of Wikipedia terms were related to general research, the next 26 percent involved anime. Torres thinks it’s related to interest in Naruto and Pokemon, either by kids or their perpetually unhip parents.

Wikipedia has replaced the World Book encyclopedia and other texts as the place to find out about sex. 16 percent of the top 100 terms "do not appear to have gratuitous intent," Torres wrote. People are looking for very basic, physical information.

"It appears many people are learning about what sex is and how to have it by referencing Wikipedia," said Torres.