Angry Birds Star Wars Path of the Jedi Trailer Released

    November 15, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Rovio released a new trailer today for Angry Birds Star Wars, featuring an avian Yoda. The video highlights the Path of the Jedi levels, which can be purchased in-game.

Anyone who has already played Angry Birds Star Wars has seen the tempting Path of the Jedi levels, with the crashed slingshot-X-wing on top. After the introductory level, a message pops up, selling the levels for $2. However, Rovio stated in the trailer below that 3-starring all of the other levels in the game will also grant access to Dagobah.

When the Path of the Jedi levels are all beaten, the Luke bird gets his lightsaber upgraded. From the video description:

Once you’ve made it to Dagobah, beat all 40 levels to unlock the green Lightsaber – It’s more powerful than the blue one, and Luke can use it throughout the rest of the game. Yay!

Of course, if you 3-star all of the other levels to unlock the Path of the Jedi, there won’t be much else to do in the game after obtaining the green lightsaber. Players will have to wait until the Hoth update is released for new content. Then the Wampa limb removal can begin.

  • Han

    Dont have any laser on path of the jedi j6 so cant get three stars

    • Graham

      I have the same problem too. I sent a ticket to rovio about he problem to see if they could run an update/fix. We’re you able to get your issue fixed? I have three stars in all levels and works except this one.

      • Littabets

        I have the level J 6 no laser issue as well. What hardware are you guys using? I have an original iPad so I wondered if that was the problem. I have never gotten the laser to show up.

        I sent a ticket to Rovio also, so maybe they’ll fix it….

  • http://AngrybirdsStarWars Brian

    I am having an issue with level J-6 as well. It’s hit or miss with the lasers. Sometimes they show up and sometimes they don’t. It’s a pain in the butt. Can’t get past the level, and when they do show up, if I don’t get thru the level then, I have to wait. Very annoying

  • juw

    If you hit the laser with the sword, you should be able to get all pigs down. Use one bird to get 3 stars, worked out for me.

  • Gabriel del Campo

    There’s a solucion following these steps:
    go to J 5 level and complete it
    Then wait to the score window and press the next bottom
    J6 level will start. Do not zoom out the screen
    You will see the red lasser shoots coming frm the right down corner

    • Fanfoe63

      Yes it works, but only 1 try (and not always 3 lasers) …. After you have to recomplete J-5 ! Very annoying; they have to fix it.