Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Preview Teases Porcine Palpatine


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The release of Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is now less than a month away. Despite the game's obvious appeal and merchandising opportunities, Rovio has not heavily promoted the game since its announcement one month ago.

Today, though, Angry Birds developer Rovio has finally begun to preview what is probably the most anticipated mobile game of this year. A new trailer for Angry Birds Star War 2 has been released, featuring the emperor himself, in pig form:

For those who couldn't tell, Rovio and LucasArts actually went out and got Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars movies) to voice the pig Emperor. The actor signed a few special "Join the Pork Side" posters that will be given away to followers of the Angry Birds Twitter account. A new behind-the-scenes video featuring McDiarmid has also been released:

Rovio has announced that the Emperor teaser is one of many videos on the way featuring the "over 30" Star Wars characters that will be depicted in Angry Birds Star Wars 2. The next will come on Monday, and the rest will lead up to the game's September 19 release date. The game will cost $1 and will be coming to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile devices.

(Image courtesy Rovio)