Angie Harmon, Television Actress, Shows Support For Studio Charlotte

    January 17, 2014
    Tobias Roth
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Angie Harmon is trying to use her star power as an actress to help a local movie studio get put into development. She is a resident of Charlotte, NC, and is working to support a proposal to redevelop the Eastland Mall site into movie studios.

Recently, Harmon became a board member of Studio Charlotte Development, which is a group that is led by local movie executive Bert Hesse, and has a goal of remodeling the mall into a local movie studio.

Under the proposal, the city and county would give Studio Charlotte Development property tax rebates for a 10-year period based on new tax revenue that the project would generate. The incentives and the land would be worth about $38 million.

Studio Charlotte plans to turn the old Eastland Mall site into sound stages, a film school, restaurants and much more.

Angie Harmon is excited to be a part of the project, and wants to do what she can to help, with her popularity possibly being able to assist her case. In relation to the proposal she said “I can bring insight into the business. I begged (Studio Charlotte) to let me be a part of it.”

Harmon has been a film and television star for nearly 20 years, and is most well-known for her roles in Law and Order and Rizzoli and Isles.

She recently spoke to a handful of council members at an economic development committee meeting. The meeting was held in order to give the citizens an update on multiple projects including the Eastland Mall.

In addition to talking about the amount of jobs that the new studios would bring to the city of Charlotte, Angie Harmon praised the project when saying “It just seems like it’s a no-brainer for me. The studio is, you know, eight sound stages. That’s an amazing project — the arts magnet school that would be there.”

The actress also mentioned that she has recently turned to directing, and would be excited to bring projects to her home of Charlotte, rather than having to commute to Los Angeles throughout the year.

The executives from Studio Charlotte are expected to be back for a city council meeting on February 20th, and one major factor in bringing the project to Charlotte is the 25 percent tax incentive that is up for renewal in the legislature.

With the new Studio Charlotte set to provide plenty of new jobs for the Charlotte area, Angie Harmon is fully on board, and hopes to help the local area in which she lives.

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  • Melissa

    Well thats just great…more work outside of LA….LA had better figure out how to stop this
    b/c we are losing ground and work. What about your crew here in LA? Paramount has been good to
    your show….:( this sucks

    • Steve Johnson

      Oops! LA..namely, California, is filled with a bunch of Liberals in office looking for bargain basement costs for everything, e.g. selling out California..

  • Kevin

    Los Angeles is losing production work faster than it ever has in the past years. Yes, L.A. has been good to Angie Harmon, providing her with work throughout most of her entertainment career. And each and every single time she has worked in L.A., that very show has employed a good amount of cast & crew. So, to push for stages in Charlotte, NC, would definitely take away that much more from those relying on film & tv work in Los Angeles. Angie Harmon’s salary compared to most crew members is a huge difference. Most crew work 16-20 hour days on a one-hour tv show. She may work some long hours, too. But not nearly as much as the crew. If you really know the business and how things work, her message in this article is very selfish and very disrespectful to the film community of Los Angeles.

  • Beth

    Tax incentives…yes. Free land is over the top, though. The City should counter offer with a percentage of profit.

  • Melissa

    And may I say that sending all the work out of LA is a two fold problem.
    Their is HUGE CORRUPTION taking place. We the production are asked to send our bills to a ghost company. That company takes my 100,000 dollar invoice and mock it up to 130,000 and hence the kick backs begin
    all about the cabin. Complete Bull….and let me tell you Arnold was fully aware of this b/c we sent him letter after letter ….he did nothing. Partially b/c rumor has it he too has an interest in a studio outside of California. Thanks for nothing Arnold. The reason you got into office in the first place was b/c voters knew you from the films that made you famous. Now you repay us by allowing the work to leave the very state that made you rich. Why is nothing being done. Politicians….gross

  • Tracy

    Please join us for this Studio Charlotte Development Presentation and
    Support Rally next Sunday, March 9th 4 PM at Steamers Sports Pub.
    Barbara McKay and Bert Hesse will be presenting the event and we look
    forward to supporting this great venture!!