Angelina’s Googley Tattoo

    May 24, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

We’ve always known that Angelina Jolie was little crazy – a pack of nuts that comes complete with blood-vials, ritual cutting, Frenching your brother. None of us have ever really cared, not to the point we would mercilessly deride her – she’s way too stinkin’ hot.

So what if she has a new weird tattoo? That’s just Angelina. Why is the Tomb Raider’s tattoo relevant here – relevant is relative, and since her tattoo interoperates with Google Earth, we felt that it was fair game to report.

Besides, who would you rather think about: Eric Schmidt or Gia?

Eww. Sorry about the sour juxtaposition.

Angelina showed up at the Cannes Pretension Party, oops, I meant Film Festival, with equally attractive (maybe prettier) husband Brad Pitt (Mark McGrath, eat your heart out, entertainment news is flippin’ easy, you unabashed sell-out) with latitude and longitude coordinates scrawled on her shoulder.

Remember all those kid shopping sprees? The coordinates were where she found them. It’s not clear, from the I4U News site if she intended for them to entered into Google Earth or not, but that’s the blogger’s implication.

The coordinates are:

N11° 33′ 0" E104° 51′ 00" – Maddox
N09° 02′ 00" E038° 45′ 00" – Zahara
S22° 40′ 26" E014° 31’40" – Shiloh Nouvels
N10° 40′ 00" E106° 41’40" – Pax Thien

If you really care that much.