Angelina Jolie: Thanks to Brad, Kids, Late Mother

    November 17, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Angelina Jolie was honored late last night at the Governor’s Awards with a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, which is identical to an oscar, for her humanitarian work, according to AFP. She has travelled around the world on over 40 missions since 2012 in her role as special envoy for the United Nations Refugee Agency.

“It was only when I began to travel that I understood my responsibility to others.”, she said of her experiences on foreign grounds.

The poverty and suffering she saw all around her in other countries made her grateful for what she has, and made her want to do all she could to make a difference.

“When I met survivors of wars and famine, and rape, I learned what life is like for most people in this world and how fortunate I was to have food to eat, a roof above my head, a safe place to live and the joy of having my family safe and healthy,” she said.

The actress became emotional as she thanked her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, for setting an example for her to always think of others and to give back, according to the AP. “To stand here today means I did as she asked,” Jolie said. “And if she were alive, she’d be very proud.”

As reported by E!, She also thanked her husband-to-be, Brad Pitt, “My love. Your support and your guidance make everything I do possible.”

She didn’t leave out their brood of adorable kids, and oldest son Maddox, 12, accompanied his parents to the awards. “I’m not going to cry, I promise,” Jolie said to Maddox from the stage. “I’m not going to embarrass you. You and your brothers and sisters are my happiness and there is no greater honor in this world than being your mom.”

Image via wikimedia commons

  • Reality

    I don’t know whether to like Angelina or not. She has done a lot of crazy things and Hollywood has a way of picking and choosing who they promote. There is definitely a plan in place as to who is put before the public. She is very pretty and that will make people like her. Put a 200 pound woman with the same qualifications as Jolie in this article and no one would care. In fact, they would probably rip her apart more easily. Jolie’s beauty tends to blind people.

    That being said — if she really believes what she said, then really she is right. She has good perspective and she is right. he is very lucky.

    I guess at the end of the day I just don’t trust Hollywood or Government. Both are about shaping public opinion. In fact, the link between the two is incredible. Just look at Jack Valenti. It is no coincidence he was a right hand man of Lyndon Johnson and then became essentially a power broker in Hollywood. He was put in that position to make sure the government could control Hollywood and the messages it delivered.

    It is times like this when you wish you just knew a person their whole life. It is so difficult to know what to believe in America in the year 2013.