Andy Rooney Retiring: Here Are Some Greatest Hits

Tools, Sleeping, Models, Bill Gates and Christmas

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Andy Rooney Retiring: Here Are Some Greatest Hits
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On Tuesday, CBS announced that the legendary Andy Rooney would be making his last regular appearance on 60 Minutes this upcoming Sunday. Rooney, who is now 92, has spent 33 years with the venerable newsmagazine.

Rooney has held the time slot at the end of 60 Minutes since 1979. There, he has made a name for himself with his musings on life and the changing times. He is known by many for his sometimes strange delivery and odd choice of topics.

And while some of his rants have seemed ridiculous over the years, Rooney is a powerful figure in American journalism. He has been producing TV essays since 1964 and has written 16 books in his career. He has also won four Emmy awards and various Writers Guild awards.

But to most, he will always be remembered as the Andy Rooney of the last two minutes of 60 Minutes. And while occupying that time slot, Rooney has given us some real masterpiece rants.

I’ve decided to compile a Greatest Hits playlist with the help of YouTube – in no particular order.

Andy Rooney doesn’t know who Lady Gaga is –

Andy Rooney hates Bill Gates and Windows –

Andy Rooney can sleep everywhere –

Andy Rooney is a “know-nothing boob” who hates modern art –

Andy Rooney on Christmas catalogs (one of my favorites) –

Andy Rooney Hates Numbers –

Andy Rooney Talks Tools (staple removers are better than staples) –

Andy Rooney talks fashion magazines –

Andy Rooney on the months of the year –

Andy Rooney Retiring: Here Are Some Greatest Hits
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  • ItsAboutTime

    Its about time Andy Rooney retired. Can you imagine doing a job for that long and getting paid millions of bucks for a 2 minute “essay” which was not really worth much? Plenty of talented unemployed people could benefit from what they paid Rooney on. And they would be genuinely worth something. Not here. Every week you would wonder where he gets the ideas to make up this stuff? Ever wonder why you have so many can openers? Ever wonder why you have to wipe when you use toliet paper. Do you wipe up and down or side ways… All Stupid worthless essays. Who cares if you wrote 1097 of them, they are all the same, written by an old crusty man being paid millions again for 2 minutes worth of crap. What was gross was his appearance and his non-trimmed eye brows. One never knew what was lurking in those overgrown busy brows. Anyway, Glad you’re retiring Rooney, do us a favor and pass on your salary to someone that really earns it.

    • Bob

      That’s just stupid. His salary is about making sure people stayed though the entire show and commercials. People liked him, so they did.

    • J

      He’s been doing this for 33 years…. obviously more talented than you

  • Butch

    Thanks Andy for all the years of enjoyment you have giving us!

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