Android-Powered Netbooks May Be On The Way

    February 20, 2009

The official "What is Android?" page uses the word "mobile" seven times, and dedicated Google-watchers may recall that the corporation’s repeatedly indicated an operating system for PCs isn’t in the works.  Just the same, Android might be in for something of a growth spurt, as a new report ties it to Asus netbooks. 

Google Android

Nothing’s certain, but Tim Culpan writes, "Asustek has allocated engineers to develop an Android-based netbook by as early as the year end, Samson Hu, head of the Taipei-based company’s Eee PC business, said in an interview yesterday."  And Asus appears to have at least two major incentives to follow this timeline.

The first is simply capitalizing on the holiday shopping season.  Coming out with a new product afterwards would be something of a waste even under normal circumstances, and thanks to the recession, is a terrible idea now.

The second reason relates to Windows 7, which is supposed to be released around the same time.  Different versions of Windows already have a stranglehold on most markets, and Asus wouldn’t be doing itself any favors to allow the latest one to get a head start on Android.

So it’s quite possible that some Android-powered netbooks will be available to stick under Christmas trees.  Stay tuned.