Android Device, iPhone About To Rumble In China

    August 6, 2009

In case you were in search of one, here’s another good reason for Eric Schmidt to have stepped down from Apple’s board of directors: devices relying on the Android operating system are about to take a run at the iPhone in China. 

Google Android

Beijing-based Kathrin Hille reported, "China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator by subscribers, will fire the opening shot in a battle for high-value subscribers with the launch of the 3G OPhone, which runs the Android source code."

And indeed, the OPhone should beat authentic iPhones to the Chinese market. (Chinese authorities haven’t been eager to give people convenient, affordable access to the Internet.)  The detail that will make Google’s timing less important is that fake iPhones have been available in China for years.

Anyway, Hille added, "China is the world’s largest mobile phone market with 700m subscribers," so there is definitely something valuable at stake.

Also, considering that Google’s search efforts in China haven’t been well received, Android may represent a way for the company to get a foothold against market leader Baidu.  So there are a couple of reasons why Eric Schmidt couldn’t have sat in on Apple’s board meetings.