Android Crowds iPhone In New comScore Report

Google's mobile platform nears number one in many ways

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In several key respects, the Android platform has almost caught up to the iPhone, according to new statistics from comScore.  There are still a lot more iPhones floating around in the great, wide world, of course, but otherwise, Android’s doing extremely well.

Let’s start with the table below.  It illustrates that, more than the average smartphone user, Android users do a lot of things other than talk.  This is important since it could mean that Android devices aren’t becoming buy-and-forget paperweights; owners actually enjoy using them.

And indeed, Android’s numbers are almost neck-and-neck with Apple’s.

Then there’s the simple matter of what people have said they intend to buy.  A comScore statement reported, "[O]f those American consumers in the market for a smartphone, 17 percent are considering the purchase of an android-supported device in next three months, compared to 20 percent indicating they plan to purchase an iPhone."

So again, Android’s almost caught up with the iPhone.

Given a few more months and the release of another Android device or two, it’s not hard to imagine that we’ll see a tie or new leader.

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Android Crowds iPhone In New comScore Report
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  • http://topsavings.net Aaron

    I am always pleased to see competition especially when it comes to the iPhone. The iPhone has dominated long enough and I always knew this time would come. Grabbing popcorn ….

  • http://www.reptilesforsale.org Reptiles For Sale

    It would be nice to see the actual numbers of phones in use, iphone vs. android and a graph charting popularity over the last 3 years to get more of a perspective.

  • Guest

    if there isnt a centralize marketplace for application for andriod phone, it is hard to beat iphone.

  • http://www.justdomainsforsale.com Ron

    I couldn’t resist and bought the domain name AndroidDonut.com not long ago to hopefully resell it. Google returns 5.5+ million results, any thoughts if it might have been a good move?



  • http://www.MeAndMyDroid.com Alan Reeve

    Interesting. One of my fears about smartphones in general was that people didn’t really understand all the power they were purchasing. I remember an older gentleman buying a Droid on the same day I was purchasing mine. He wanted the Verizon Navigation add-on as he didn’t understand that the same basic facility was built in at no extra cost. I felt that he was the kind of customer that was buying way more phone than he needed (and perhaps even wanted). Glad to see the majority ARE using the power they’re getting, are using the available apps, and more importantly, when I have to pay almost the same as I pay for my home DSL for data, are using the data plan.
    – Alan (MeAndMyDroid.com)

  • http://www.googleandroid.com.au android

    That’s great news. I’m looking so forward to get my hands on one. I will post my findings in the google android forum

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